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do you think the texans will be able to afford jj watt when his contract is up?

Texans have trouble with their Cap space and if JJ watt has another monster season I think he is going to ask for a monster contract, which the Texans won't be able to afford.

Just like Mario Williams

JJ watt looks like a great guy and he has done a lot since he became a pro but money talks


Cushings contract is coming up also so they have to worry about that too

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    Trust me, JJ Watt is the greatest defense player in the NFL and he's young. They WILL make room for him. Whoever they have to cut, to keep him on the team.

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    Are you starting to get worried the Texans are getting scary good? The secondary just got very very strong, and you do realize JJ Watt and Brian Cushing love playing for the Texans and more then likely will settle for less then what they deserve to stay with the team they love..

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    Depends on what Watt wants, really. Watt deserves big money, but history has proven you do NOT pay Defensive LIneman franchise player contracts. Look at Haynesworth and Williams and how poorly it worked out for the teams that paid them elite money. JJ Watt is a tremendous player, but no defensive lineman is worth elite QB money, so if he demands it, the Texans will let him walk (and rightfully so).

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    the amazing thing about the section is that no 2 everyone is alike. I dropped judging consistent with something someone likes or would unlike in midsection university. Watt's musical hobbies have not were given something to do with who he's as someone or how good a soccer participant he's. I hate Bieber. i imagine, like Tebow, he receives extra acclaim than is merited by way of the media. yet who am I to call everyone out on what yet another man or woman likes? i actual hear to countless artists that distinctive human beings in my existence do no longer approve of (Bee Gees for instance and dissimilar diverse diverse disco bands from the overdue 70's and early 80's) yet i may desire to truly care less. that couldn't outline me as someone, and everyone who dismisses every thing else about me consistent with that on my very own, i may desire to shrink ties with. i'm certain Watt has gotten some warmth for it yet even as the media is conscious of about it, he's proud adequate to confess to his teammates and others that he's a fan and this is completely advantageous. It would not substitute what i imagine of him contained the least bit. we will all relate to having some interest or interest that lets hesitate to inform our buddies or kin about consistent with what they may say, yet imagine of it this way: it rather is barely as awkward as the sort you're making it out to be.

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    Of course he's the franchise. You don't lose the franchise to money issues. Although I have the same concerns with Von Miller.

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    No, they won't be able to.

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