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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 7 years ago

A Historical Air Force Special Operations Mission?

I Just Need A Link To a historical Air Force Special Operations Mission or a site link that leads me to one and meaning as a historical air froce operations mission meaning like an old one that happened it can be any year as long as The United States Air Force Did The Mission please and thank you i will pick the best one

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  • Marine
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    7 years ago
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    Iran Hostage Mission - google it. This was a joint Service special mission that ended in disaster in the Iranian desert.

    The AF is part of SOCOM and provides some SpecOps helo support as directed by CG SOCOM. It is rare, if ever, that the AF would be assigned a SpecOps mission unilaterally. This would include something as wild as bombing Iranian or N. Korean nuclear facilities. Even this mission would involve multi-service electronic warfare and probably Navy shipboard assets (Iran).

    SpecOps as a mission area did not exist during Vietnam. It came into being many years later. It could be argued that Green Berets, Marine and Army sniper teams, and recon teams were SpecOps. At that time, they were not called that even though they have done similar mssions as todays SOCOM. Additionally, due to the classified nature of SpecOps, anything other than the Iranian Hostage Rescue and the take out of Bin Ladin are highly classified. Even those two were highly classified until the failure of the hostage mission occurred and no way to hide it and Obama wanting to gloat with the Bin Ladin take down. Obama's bragging has resulted in too many questions about SEAL activities and have hurt the mission area since some SEALS have broken their signed oaths to keep what they do secret.

    PS: Other AF SpecOps missions are inflight refueling in support of SOCOM air attack missions.

    Lieutenant Colonel, U S Marine Corps-Retired (worked many joint military programs)

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  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    do not comprehend precisely what you propose or are searching for yet a competent subject rely may be the 1st attempt against Controllers to reach and set up an airfield in Saudi Arabia on the commencing up of the 1st Persian Gulf conflict. Any tale you are able to locate approximately some PJs could hit on all those additionally.

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