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what is the holocaust movie about people on a train?

I remember watching a movie about the holocaust where people were packed on this train, that was supposed to take them to a concentration camp. a lot of people died before getting there from starvation, or dehydration. It was very sad. at the end when they finally got to their destination i think some of them were killed and some went on to camps.

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    The movie you describe is called DER LETZTE ZUG (The last Train)

    It's a german movie from 2006

    Cast: Gedeon Burkhard, Lale Yavas, Lena Beyerling

    The year is 1943 and the "last of the Jews" are being "evacuated" from Berlin. They are locked in cattle cars with no food and little water. During the trip several of the characters are drawn out and vignettes of their lives are highlighted to restore some humanity to their animal existence aboard the train. The suffering and agony is palpable. Some parts can be watched in double speed as they are just just filler. If you exclude the final theatrical device thrown in at the end, the movie is worth watching for it's historical relevance.

    Here's the trailer

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    Schindlers List

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    Sophie's Choice

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    I think you're talking about the movie "Diary Of Anne Frank"?

    Source(s): Just finished watching and reading a whole bunch of things about Anne Frank and the Holocaust
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    it sounds like the book night by elie weisel but idk what movie..:/ sowwey.

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