Should America attack North Korea first?

North Korea is threatening to attack America so why don't we just stop this war from starting.

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  • Fabby
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    7 years ago
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    We ought to start thinking about who did what this period of time. Who in this case seems like the one being picked and what did this party do to attack Americans? Did this country treat American guests

    in North Korea well? Did they do something like what Iraq did ( invade Kuwait or sponsored bombing of World Trade Center ) .

    Have you in life been bullied before like the fat guy in Back to the Futures against George McFly? Isn't this situation best be without war and them being able to built their own weapons to defend themselves (remember they would have to defend against USA, Russians and Chinese attacks if they initiate a war). Someone (dont know who) is trying to provoke them to make them attack first. But this would lead to a war and activation of more Americans into active service. Is this good or bad? China and Russians would feel threatened if USA ends up in North Korea because they are next to North Korea (see ).

    So best case scenario is no war and no one gets sleepless nights including the girlfriends of those who would be called to active duties.

  • Joyce
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    4 years ago

    Yes if they go over the DMZ 20,000 troops their under treaty will die and it has a almost certain chance of happening. Taring a armistice is a big deal and is not like the empty talk Kim gave us in the past. This would be the first leaving of a armistice that did not start a war. Kim is in his own world and he chosen by his father to invade South Korea and that is why 70% of their GDP is on their military. It first Obama will play Chamberlain using Gates as a fall man but 20,000 dead troops at the DMZ will cause congress to say war or else to the White House. Well, it depends on what we do and how we fight. The easiest and most life saving involves 6 nuclear bombs dropped on the DMZ collapsing the 1500 foot deep tunnels that house NK's 50,000 tanks killing 70% of his Army. The tunnels are to deep for bunker busters but nukes would cause ground activity that would make work of it. If we fight a war are Air Force would be a sitting dock as their Army moves under ground under the DMZ into SKOREA and we will have to go man to man. This will require a draft as our present army is to stretched and 85% of the IRR is made up of broken bodies. The result of a hand tied approach would cause 20 to 30 million dead as they will stop a nothing.

  • 7 years ago

    Er... are you on their side?

    Let's paint a scenario just for you...

    America is the biggest kid in the playground. It has access to ALL THE TOYS - and it has the resources to make more. REALISTICALLY, you'd have to be extremely brave or eff'ing insane to slam the good old US of A, because it would only take a teeny-weeny, itty-bitty, tiny fraction of those resources to completely, utterly, absolutely ANNIHILATE you and the shadow of you from the face of this Earth.

    North Korea has what? I heard earlier that they've sold their entire silver reserves to China, coz they need the money. NOT gold - SILVER. I read that the people of NK are starving, but I reckon the millions made from that silver sale will go, not to feeding the starving nation and stabilising the country, but to propping up the position of the power-elite and making fancy hats for the military.

    Let's say that I, and all of my relatives, had gone out of our way, over decades, to pee-off the people in my homeland. The ONLY thing standing between me as Great Dictator and a very long, slow, drawn-out death, are my 'friends' in the military (but they secretly hate me too).

    So long as the cash keeps on a comin', the military are happy.

    So long as I buy them an occasional new toy - they're overjoyed.

    Meanwhile, the sea is coming in, and the big sand-castle that this dictator is calling out from is crumbling underfoot.

    How long do you think this dictator will be able to maintain his position?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    should a 220 lb football player attack a 5 year old because the five year old points a finger and says "Bang Bang your dead"

    the Korean was a "police action" by the UN. it never ended, there was a cease fire

    the new leader is 28 years old (mentally about 12)

    Source(s): tested nukes, we have the ones that actually work
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  • 7 years ago

    Yes. We can and should disable their ability to make war.

    Or we could take the pacifist coward method and wait until they launch a brutal surprise attack that kill thousands if not millions and then react.

  • 7 years ago

    Nobody should attack, we don't want a nuclear war

  • Mark F
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    7 years ago

    Why? Are you eager to see possibly millions of people suffer and die for no reason?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No, then we'd be the bad guys, and they'd have something to actually be mad at.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Upon what grounds?

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