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Three Reasons The Constitution Led To Civil War?

What are 3 reasons the constitution led to the civil war?


To the American Civil War

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    constitution did not abolish slavery

    people fought about slavery and it was a creator of tensions

    constitution stated that people have a right to their property

    in the dred scott vs. sanford case, the supreme court judge, robert taney used that in saying that slaves were property that people could take with them over the territories--- therefore they are not citizens (which also the constitution did not clarify)

    the constitution had the elastic cause which was government could do anything that was "necessary and proper"---this led to people arguing about the loose and strict interpretation in the late 18th century, which led to thomas jefferson and james madison saying they could nullify anything that the state believed inconstitutional... this nullification thing was what led the south believe they could secede, so because they thought lincoln's election was unfair they "nullified it" and walked out of the union

    thus... factors of civil war

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    Others have stated that slavery replaced into not an argument interior the run as much as the Civil conflict, that secession replaced into the project. although, the two subject concerns can not be so truthfully divided. The Conferate States tried to secede from america via fact of a increasing anti-slavery sentiment interior the northern states. rules had already been surpassed prohibiting slavery in any new territories obtained by america, so the southern states began to renowned that there replaced right into a sufficiently anti-slavery sentiment on the nationwide point to threaten their own persevered use of slavery. with a view to ward off the northern states from implementing their anti-slavery rules on the southern states, the southern states seceded from america, for that reason permitting them to create their own professional-slavery rules. for that reason, the instantaneous reason of the Civil conflict replaced into the secession (america did not understand the rights of the accomplice States to secede, and for that reason branded the circulate a insurrection to be placed down), however the final reason of the Civil conflict replaced into the question of slavery.

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    English,Russian,American or Syrian Civil war ??

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  • Pamela
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    FOOEY It was not about the constitution, nor even about slavery. It was about who was going to run the country, Industry or Agriculture. The battle continues to this day.

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