I have a naturaly bigish butt ive noticed when i run or do squats with weights it gets smaller im willing to try almost anything to get my butt significantly LARGER. I dont have a lot of mony so butt implants are out of the question. DOES ANYBODY KNO HOW I CAN GET MY BUTT REALLY BIG? Any advice will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!! http://t.co/npRG3UzWE6


As u can kinda see im meaty not completely flat. Will the fat i already have there get small first n then big or jus get bigger!?


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    How to Grow a Bigger Butt\

    By an eHow Contributor

    Leg-lift exercises can help you build a bigger butt.

    If you wish you had a bigger butt, you can do something about it. Several exercises can help you gain muscle in your rear, resulting in a bigger, curvier bottom.

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    Exercises That Lift the Butt


    How to Make Your Butt Grow


    Things You'll Need




    Perform cardiovascular exercise that works your gluteus maximus muscle, more commonly known as your butt. Hill workouts are great for working your glutes. Walk, jog, run or cycle up challenging hills. If you work out in a gym, set the incline on the treadmill high or add significant resistance to a stationary bicycle. Stair-climbing is also a great cardiovascular exercise for working the butt. Climb stairs at a local stadium, or hop on the gym's stair-climbing machine.


    Do squats three days a week. Squats are excellent for working the butt muscles. If you're new to squats, begin by just using your body weight. Over time, as you get better at performing squats, hold weights in your hands while you do them. You'll build muscle faster when you challenge yourself with heavier weights. Aim to perform three or four sets of 10 to 12 squats.


    Incorporate lunges into your workout. Front, reverse and side lunges all work the glutes well. Perform three or four sets of 10 to 12 lunges, two or three times a week. You'll feel your butt muscles working throughout the exercises. Hold weights in your hands for a greater challenge.


    Try leg-lift exercises. Get down on the floor on all fours, resting your forearms on the floor. Keeping your right knee on the ground, lift your left leg straight out behind you. Now lift your left leg a few inches up, and repeat this movement 15 to 20 times. Switch to the other side and perform the same number of reps. These leg lifts help work your glutes, in addition to working your quads, calves and hamstrings.


    Increase your weights over time. Growing a bigger butt involves building some serious muscle back there. You have to increase the weight you lift to continue to see improvement. Once a particular weight feels easy, it's time to move on to a heavier weight.


    Incorporate exercise that works the butt into your daily life. Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. While waiting in line at the store, squeeze your butt muscles repeatedly. If you perform these simple things regularly, you'll notice a change in your butt over time.

    Tips & Warnings

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can get a bigger butt by simply gorging on junk food. This will result in a saggy rear and possible cellulite. Instead, maintain a healthy diet and let your butt grow with added muscle.

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    I replied to a similar question with this earlier:

    Most of these answers are a piece of the puzzle, but there are a few exercises that done with a lot of repetition (about 50-75+ each) and with WEIGHT (as heavy as you can go) 4-5 times a week will get you a nice round, tight butt in no time. Squats, lunges, kettlebell swings and hip bridges. Simple, but effective!

    There's a workout program I've heard about through trainer friends called Bigger Better Butt sold online that is really good as well.

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    First of all all the creams are pure scams and if you think that surgery is the only option to lift your butt, then you have mistaken. I was so close going with surgery and I would have regretted it. Check out this video on how to lift your butt by doing exercises http://www.buttliftbikini.com

    Mainly it's about exercises and what foods you need to eat. It took just under 4 weeks for me to see results. What can I say, I look young again. Good luck!

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    Squats lunges

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    Get a butt pad!

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    Funny video but a REAL from x-girlfriend thing that works:


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