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How does the 1989 NCAA Michigan basketball championship team compare/contrast to the 2013 Michigan Team?

Please share your opinion on how do the teams compare on overall? If you care to elaborate, how do they match up as far as team chemistry, star players, ability to perform in tough games, offensive/defensive production, production from the bench, etc.

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  • Snid
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    8 years ago
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    The 1989 team was a better over all team and had better chemistry than this year's team. They had a better coach who actually got fired before the title game but was allowed to coach. The team is still close today.

    This year's team started out 16-0 but it was a relatively easy schedule. Once Big Ten play started they lost 7 games and faltered near the end of the season a bit. They have had some injuries (earlier in the season) and it's said there is some internal issues.

    To the guy who said "Fab Five"...they weren't until 1991. They never won the NCAA championship.

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    The 89 team had better chemistry I mean even after all these years they still talk to each other. They had a mission from the start of the season and people doubted them since they were all black and all freshmen

  • Fab five

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