Does smoking weed cause dehydration like getting drunk does?

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    Yes and no, but not quite like alcohol. Don't confuse cottonmouth with dehydration. Cotton mouth is only a lack of saliva, which makes you feel thirsty.

    Virtually any chemical your body has to get rid of, takes water to eliminate (through sweat or urine). So in this sense, yes marijuana use does cause dehydration.

    Alcohol takes very much more water to eliminate because of how much alcohol is in your system. To get high on THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) you only need a few milligrams (at most) in your blood stream, whereas you'll have perhaps, and I'm kinda guessing here, up to an ounce of pure alcohol in your blood over a night of heavy drinking. It takes a lot of water to eliminate all that alcohol, hence why you always need to piss a lot while drinking.

    Caffeine also causes dehydration, but that's because it stimulates the kidneys to produce urine.

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    @ FIWI (the person above with the "best" answer. Sorry, but your answer is nonsense. Not to be mean, but I honestly don't know why people with no understanding of the science behind an issue will pretend to be an authority on the subject. Don't you realize you are just spreading misinformation? If you don't know, then please just keep quiet already.

    First of all, the volume of a substance is not the only factor increasing its diuretic potential (its ability to dehydrate you). Second, your amounts are way off. An individual with no tolerance to cannabis needs about 5 milligrams of TCH to get high. A habitual user might routinely consume 25 to 20 milligrams easily. If you look at the standardinzed TCH preparations sold legally in states with medical cannabis, you will see that these numbers are accurate. So you don't need "a few milligrams at most."

    Worse than this, anyone with an ounce of alcohol in their blood would be stone dead. That is over a 0.6 percent blood alcohol level, and you can't survive more than 0.4 or 0.5. So wrong again.

    Finally, the real answer to this question is simple: we don't know. Cannabis certainly does cause dry mouth by inhibiting saliva production by a mechanism unrelated to dehyration (ostensibly by interfering with receptors in the submandibular glands), but it may also cause dehydration as well. The fact is there has just not been any definitive research done on the issue. I tend to think that until it is legalized, there probably will not be any real knowledge developed on the subject. If you are really curious, though, there is a good, scientific way to find out. When you are sober, keep a diary of how much you drink, along with how much you urinate. Drink only water. Then, do the same thing the next day, for the same lenght of time, while smoking pot. Except this time, drink the same amount, and see if you urinate more.

    Simple as that.

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    Does Smoking Weed Dehydrate You

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    Does Alcohol Cause Dehydration

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    How many times have you asked this now? I saw this same thing posted two weeks ago. My answer to you now is the same as it was then: Marijuana does not kill brain cells. In fact the brain has special receptors for THC. THC is a naturally occuring substance that is found in many plants you eat (in very small amounts compared to marijuana). THC is thought to be responsible for helping the body to regulate basic cravings - when to sleep and when to eat in particular. Some people do experience bad reactions to weed. It amplifies your mood. If you are prone to anxiety or depression, weed can make that worse. It can even induce a panic like reaction in a small number of users. For that reason, it is likely if you smoke weed in the future that you may have a similar reaction then as well. If anything is going to damage your brain its going to be the stuff your taking for your allergies that's affecting you so badly.

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    You told your mother about your reefer use? You must be an interesting bunch around the dinner table. Lot's of people dont do well with pot. Given that it's not good to inhale smoke into your lungs to begin with, this might be all the excuse you need to give it up. I knew a guy who jumped out of a sixth story window the first time he smoked. Honestly, it aint for everyone. There's nothing wrong with you if you cant smoke.

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    Yes, it definitely does. I studied it for a biology assignment/paper in college. Be careful drink a ton of water but don't over hydrate. 10 per day should be enough 8oz glasses. Normally it's 8.

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    Seam like Cotten-mouth would make you drink more water and that would help flush out the stones.

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    Indeed it also makes your mouth dry. cotton mouth.

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