Clever questions to ask in court?

This guy started harassing me in January and it escalated to the point of him sending me death threats so I filed for a protective order against him. The judge granted the temporary one but didn't grant the final one in the evidence trial because he showed up with an attorney and tried to point everything back to me so the judge said it was insufficient evidence but told me to file again if he started harassing me again. A month later he starts again and he sent me a text saying "have a good shower?" when I'd just showered. How would he know if I'm showering if he isn't stalking me? I got my temporary PO granted yesterday. The evidence trial is April 8. I know he's gonna deny everything and try to point it at me again. Give me some clever questions to ask the defense that might throw him off guard? I'm acting as my own attorney in this.

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    No clever questions.

    Let the judge be clever. Just play with a straight bat..... Cooperate, if an answer is going to make you look bad then give it and look bad. What is worse than looking bad in one fact is looking untruthful because that makes everything look bad.

    You need is the proofs.... your court date is sometime away. he might be dumb enough to contact you. Bug your phone -> record your conversations. i.e. use the headphone jack to relay to a recorder before it goes to the earpiece / mike.

    Keep the SMS messages - that is a permanent record.

    The interesting thing is that if you assert it was him, and you have a phone number; and he uses his right against self incrimination to not provide his phone for a check, when doing so could readily disprove your theory, then the court will be less likely to believe him and more likely to be believe you.

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    You need to talk to a good lawyer and you need to keep all the text messages he has sent you. Certainly you should refer to that particular message and ask him how he knew you just had a shower? Honestly, am seriously worried about that...just HOW did he know you had a shower? Did he post it online? I am wondering if he can see you in your home. Is he a former friend or a family member who may have had access to your home and put a camera in it? You need to get a good witness and check your apartment thoroughly for a kind of camera. If you find one, don't touch it...just call the police immediately. Also, check your computer for some sort of key-logging device. And if you have a cell phone, have it checked to see if there is spyware on it. Good luck and God bless.


    Addendum: When you went to court for a permanent restraining order, why didn't you take a lawyer with you?

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    you would be able to consult with a clever lawyer and you would be able to shop each and each and each and all of the textual content textile fabric messages he has sent you. fairly you would be able to consult with that diverse message and ask him how he knew you genuinely had a tub? fairly, am heavily annoying approximately that...genuinely HOW did he understand you had a tub? Did he submit it on line? i'm thinking if he can see you on your place. Is he a former chum or a kinfolk member who could have had get entry to on your place and found a digital camera in it? you would be able to get a clever witness and learn your domicile thoroughly for a variety of digital camera. in case you discover one, do no longer touch it...genuinely call the police as we communicate. additionally, learn your computing device for some variety of key-logging gadget. And in case you have a cellular telephone, have it checked to be sure if there is spyware on it. good success and God bless. ***** Addendum: as quickly as you went to court docket for an eternal restraining order, why did no longer you're taking a lawyer with you?

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