How to tell my mother that I'm joining the Military?

Okay, so I live with my dad, right? He's all for it. I took the AS-VAB, got a ridiculously high score, and now recruiters are dog piling just to meet with me. My old man couldn't be prouder and I've officially decided on either the Air Force or the Navy.

I used to live with my mom before she flew off the handle and kicked me out for reasons nobody on God's green earth knows. Truth be told, we have an awful relationship now. On top of that, I vaguely remember asking her what she thought of me joining the military (any branch) and she flipped a biscuit about how stupid a thought that was. Even so, I feel obligated to at least tell her what I'm going to do with my life even if she's not invited to my graduation.

But how do I tell my mom that I've decided to do everything opposite of what she wants for me? I mean, we never so much as Facebook chat anymore.

I really need some outside opinion... thanks in advance for any insight.

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  • Henry
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    7 years ago
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    Get her talking in just a random conversation and keep it going and slowly push the part about you joining the military and go from there. There will never not be crying trust me i joined for 4 years in the military.

  • 7 years ago

    Dont do it! Dont sell youre life away. I know so many people that have joined the military. Theyre all messed up in the head. I know a guy who watched his best friend blow his brains out and had to clean it up. When you get out the government dont give a crap about you. They all said they wish they never would have joined. Just ask yourself if risking your life for a country based on deception and lies worth it?

  • 7 years ago

    Simple you don't tell her. Your dad does.

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