I need footage of an old boat crash?

I've looked everywhere for footage of an older looking boat crash. I need it for our high school musical this year; we're doing Tarzan. Does anyone know where I can get this? Thanks!

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    It is very unlikely that there were T.V., video or cine cameras around to record the events when ships suffer major accidents. One exception was the collision of the 'laker' Windoc with a bridge over the Welland Canal. The 18517 GRT vessel was passing under a bridge when it descended, wiping off the pilot house, exhaust uptake and setting the vessel on fire. Windoc was launched in 1959 as a deep sea bulk carrier. She was converted for Great Lakes use and the accident occurred in 2001, so it may not qualify as an "older looking vessel" for your purposes.

    Another well documented accident was the grounding of the 3241 GRT Finnish four masted barque Herzogin Cecilie. Although there is no footage taken at the actual time of grounding, there was newsreel footage of the stranded vessel with her tattered sails and of the efforts to salvage her. The Herzogin Cecilie was built in Germany in 1902 for the Norddeutscher Lloyd Company.

    Google - Windoc Accident - for one example and - Herzogin Cecilie Pathe - for the other.

    I hope this gives you some ideas for your musical, good luck.


    Trawling through the Pathe Film Archive has revealed footage of a First World War German submarine being driven ashore by gales at Hastings, UK. in 1919.

    Source(s): Youtube and Pathe Film Archive.
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    there is footage of a tug being rolled under a bridge on a flooded river - had a quick look for it but I saved the link on a now dead pc. The tug goes under the bridge, is rolled while doing so, comes up rights itself & is back under control

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    ?,go to UTUBE and there you'll find a section called boat crashes that shall help you. Will not give you this bull or that,since that is not your interest...Getting yourschool musical assignment done is! :)

    Source(s): Charter boat owner
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