algebra help???? explain please?

1. 14f with and exponent of 7 gh with an exponent of 8 over 7g exponent 2 h exponent 11\

2. 3pq exponent 3 over 4p exponent 4 q exponent 8 r

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hi Angela,

    We usually indicate exponents with the carat character ^ as it's the calculator key symbol.

    So I hope this is correct:

    1. (14f^7 * g * h^8) / (7g^2*h^11) We divide like terms by subtracting exponents, and we can also divide by 7. so we have

    2f^7 / g*h^3

    2. 3*p*q^3 / 4p^4 * q^8 * r


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