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Constance asked in HealthMental Health · 8 years ago

PLEASE HELP!!!! What can I do to help my stress?

I am so stressed out and I am so worried for not only myself but my son as well. my symptoms are abdomen pain, kidney pain, intestinal pains, stomach pains, diarrhea, head aches, nausea., fatigue, i cant eat and also my heart starts to hurt. I get so stressed out so quick my blood pressure shoots through the roof and I lash out after my episode I am in so much pain that it drops me to the ground sometimes. I absolutely cant control it, I have no money like at all! no insurance I cant get it either due to no birth certificate if i could afford one id have Medicaid, i have no friends or family around that can help me. I have tried breathing, walking away, certain foods and even marijuana because i do live in colorado... it helps ALOT but i dont have money for that either. I am worried i am so mean to my 4 year old for no reason im not physically abusive but i yell and scream and slam doors. i love him so much it makes me cry i get so mad then i get even more mad because i am so mad and i cant control it. i just want to get hit by a car an die because i fear there is no help for me... the ER cant help me even if they could i cant afford prescriptions.. please somebody help me! it could have a lot to do with not having a car or phone or a job... you have to have money to make money we are about to get thrown out of our house because rent is behind.. i posted up a campaign on to raise money to get a job but you have to know people to spread the word and so i haven't got any funds yet... im so scared can someone please help me before i have a heart attack at age 23!


when i try to excercise i hurt worse. I may have an ulcure already i had h pylori about a year ago and got treated for it. and ma'am i do not do drugs i used medical marijuana from a despensery over 6 months ago.

Update 2:

oh and to add another i have had ddepression problems my whole life from not having a mom because of meth and a father that was on and off HARD drugs all my life.... I realize a lot has to do with myself but i have tried everything i can... people that dont have these problems dont realize how hard it really is to climb out of a hole so deep. i want to help myself more than anything.... thats why i am asking for help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm sorry you are feeling so bad and I understand it must be very difficult. I agree that you have to stop making excuses for yourself but I think the other poster was way too harsh.. things aren't alway that easy-especially when you have depression involved.

    My first question is why don't you have a birth certificate? I would contact medicaid and ask them what you have to do if you do not have a birth certificate. There has to be ways to get around this.

    Two-you need to watch your diet closely. Try to cut out ALL sugar and add in as many veggies and fruits as possible. Watch how much red meat you are eating and cut way back on greasy and fatty foods. A better diet can do wonders for your mood but you have to stick with it and you have to be very good about it. Watch your white carbs.. they turn to sugar within 30 minutes after you eat them.

    Three--You do need to exercise. It can do a lot for you. Take your son outside and walk. Let him run around and just be patient and move around. The more you do it, the more things move around in your body. If you go out and walk 30 minutes a day, you WILL feel some improvement in about a week.

    Four--Look online for an herbal formula called Xiao yao San. It is VERY VERY good when helping with this type of anger/frustration/irritability. You can get it in downtown Denver at the Colorado School for Traditional Chinese Medicine too. It is like $5 a bottle and one bottle will last 10 days.

    Five--Do an online search for free cell phones for the poor. You may qualify for one.

    Six--You need to force yourself to think that things can get better. If you continue to wallow in a self pity, that is what you will have. You can't continue the way you have been. Look and find any positive thing and think and focus on that. Do not let yourself dwell on the past. Crying or complaining doesn't help it at all.

    Seven--While you are out walking, look to make new friends.. find people just to chat with when you can and be positive and open about it. Don't just complain about your life as it is. Remember you are looking for ways to change it so be positive. Start new patterns and find new pathways.

    You control where your life goes. Start by being as positive as you can and most importantly, change your diet, get out and walk and get those herbs. If you could afford the marijuana, you can certainly afford that and trust me.... they will help you a LOT. They will reduce your irritability and crankiness and help your mood which will help everything else.

    Source(s): Doctor
  • 8 years ago

    Excersise excersise excersise! Cardio (running swimming etc.) This helps get more oxygen to your brian. It will do wonders.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Find something to do like excersize or a hobby

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