Claiming Unemployment Benefits in NJ?

I am currently filing my first claim for unemployment benefits in NJ. My question is regarding the section about receiving holiday/vacation pay. In the weeks I am filing for I received a settlement from my previous employer for unused vacation time in the sum of approximately 650$, I am not currently employed by the company I received payment for nor will I be employed by them in the future. I was not on vacation or holiday during this time.

My assumption is that I should still place this information on the claim, because if I don't there may be repercussions regarding the fact that I did not claim this income. Any information that you could provide me regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. If any additional information is needed please let me know so I can provide you with that information to better aid you in answering my question.

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    Answer yes to the question, as unemployment may validate this info with the employer. If the settlement represented the vacation and holidays, then it would be the same answer.

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    merely be certain which you do document to the UI properly as you're required to do and as you already do understand you have been fired with reason ingesting on the interest by your former company genuine. So merely be very careful and attempt to maintain each and every ingredient executed properly immediately on your life. desire which you discover the above enclosed education sensible. 03/sixteen/2013

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