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Difference between population and density of population ?

geography exam tomorrow i want to no the difference between population of a state and density of population of a state ..plz explain ..and is urgent ..

thnk u

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    Population is a simple number, like 5,000.

    Density of population is a ratio, the ratio of people (or something else) to area.

    Population density = people / area. So that is something like 5,000 people per 10 square miles, which is always reduced to 1 square mile, so 5,000/10 = 500 people per square mile.

    Here's a longer way of saying the same thing, in case this helps you more.

    To express human population, we say something like "This city has 5,000 people." If we wonder how dense that population is, we must find the land area those people cover. In this case, it would be the area within their city limits. Let's say this city has an area of 10 square miles. Now we can find the density. The population density ratio we want to find is "people per square mile", so in this city we have 5,000 people per 10 square miles, which is "500 people per square mile".

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    a : the whole number of people or inhabitants in a country or region b : the total of individuals occupying an area or making up a whole c : the total of particles at a particular energy level —used especially of atoms in a laser

    Population density

    Measure of the intensity of land use, expressed as number of people per square kilometre or square mile. Also called density of population.

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