Toddler bed vs twin size bed?

My 2 1/5 yr old girl loves her toddler bed. She has no trouble going to sleep at bed time but lately has wanted to come to bed with us in the middle of the night. Last night the hubs sat with her for a while in the middle of the night after she wanted to sleep with us. He said she tossed and turned and he didn't think she could get comfy. He thinks moving her to a twin bed in an attempt to switch up her sleeping and get her excited about sleeping in her big girl bed would help. I want her to of course get quality sleep in a bed she is comfy in but I'm not sure where the problem is. Here is what I'm stuck with:

1. Is she having a hard time b/c she her current bed is "cold" (she doesn't like covers) b/c she doesn't have anything to snuggle with? How do I remedy that if she doesn't have a fave stuffed animal or blanket?


2. Do we get the twin and hope that fixes it? Will the problem return once the newness wears off?


3. Do we tough it out with tears and fights in the wee hours of the morning?


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  • 7 years ago
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    I wish I never bought a toddler bed, and went straight to the twin. My daughter rolls around in her sleep and twin helps with that. Next kid I'm going straight to the twin. So, I would start switching her to one, your gonna have to do it eventually anyway, just wait on the bed frame and put the box spring and mattress on the floor. Have her pick out her own blanket, and night light (I like the ones that project images or move, they like hypnotizes my daughter to sleep lol). After all of that your going to have to move on to your number 3 suggestion, eventually they always get the idea if you keep putting them back into their room. Good luck.

  • 3 years ago

    We went with a toddler bed. Reasons; - cheaper. We did not have got to purchase a new mattress, sheets, mattress protector and many others. Simply the bed frame, which can also be a lot cheaper than the better sized one. She's going to get rather just a few years use out of it. - safeguard. Youngster beds are lots toward the ground and have rails. We had been concerned our daughter would fall out of bed as she moved around so much in her sleep. - comfort/security. Our daughter cannot without problems get inside and out of our mattress (and as a consequence would have the equal challenge with a twin size one - I did appear for a slash one but did not in finding one). Infant beds are a lot lessen so she does not have that trouble. - safety. Our daughter feels secure in her little mattress with the rails around many of the sides. I believe she would have felt intimidated by means of a huge, high up mattress. No longer all kids often is the identical but timid ones who do not adapt well to change would decide on a child mattress because of it's similarities to a cot. - uses up quite a bit less room. Is dependent how so much area you could have, but the boy or girl mattress offers my daughter extra flooring space in her room to play.

  • 7 years ago

    Can she wear warmer pajamas? Like a zip up suit to keep her warm? Take her to store to choose favorite stuffed animal for bedtime and maybe a really soft blanket. There are nice music players with visual themes for her to put in bed with her as well.

    I do not believe the twin will solve it.

    Regarding number 3: You may win if you tough it out but listen to your instinct and gut feeling. She is two years old-not five years old. She is a little toddler so think a lot before you decide to tough it out with tears rather than anticipating her needs and making her comfortable.

    Guys do not like children in bed with their wives. I believe that is the real issue here?

  • 7 years ago

    My son used a toddler bed until his sister was born- wasn't long- but when we got him a twin we thought about how much of a waste the toddler bed was because he really didn't have much room to be comfortable and stretch out. Maybe a twin would be a better choice if she likes lots of room? Big girl bed to the next level would probably be very appealing to her with a nice new big comforter to snuggle?

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  • 7 years ago

    My niece used to do the same thing, then her parents got her a big girl bed and now she cries if she sleeps anywhere else! She loves it and sleeps right through the night and she loves to show people her new bed, etc. I say you should go for it!

  • 7 years ago

    How baout you get her twin size bed

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