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Where could I find a giant present box that a person could fit into?

I'm looking to try surprise my friend :)

Lemme give you a wee background :)

Basically what's happening is that in November, I'm planning on surprising my best friend as I am booking an all inclusive hotel water-parkrpark tickets in Tenerife for 14 days :) However, I was thinking I want to try really surprise her by telling her 24 hours before we actually leave for Tenerife :)

I was thinking I might try fit in a massive box, and have my best friends parents wrap up the present with her name on the box, and then when she opens it, I will pop out with flight tickets :)

She'll not expect that haha :) She never does much for her birthday because of money problems, however I've decided I'm going to treat her :)

So ...any ideas?

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    Go to your local appliance store, they will have boxes the size of refrigerators, stoves etc. I'm sure they'd be willing to donate one for this fun cause.


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