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【20點】請把內容翻成英文 不要翻譯機

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you


蹡蹡蹡!卡片還喜歡吧? 呵呵呵








還記得我們的約定嗎? 拉過勾勾的!





PS.最近天氣一直在變 要小心不要感冒了!

記住健康第一,別再累倒了... ><

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  • 7 years ago
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    Happy Birthday to you!

    Do you like the card that I made for you?

    I also made a gift for you.

    I really wish I could hand it to you in person but I can't.

    Maybe next time when you come to Taiwan then I can give it to you. Sorry lol.

    How have you been doing ?

    I miss you very much.

    Do you remember we made a pinky promise to each other?

    If we call you, you will come again. Right?

    So I will wait for you in Taiwan.

    Happy Birthady once again.

    PS: The weather has been changeable recently.

    Take care and don't catch a cold.

    Remember! Health is the first.

    Don't get sick again!

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  • 7 years ago



    特別一點 還可以在卡片上加您的聲音

    我外甥 就是用 錄音音樂卡片 作卡片寄給 偶像藝人

    我查到了網址供你參考:http://543ok.tw我知道 Y拍 有一款 可以錄音 又有音樂 的卡片可以單買 機心部分 貼在自己的卡片上





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  • 7 years ago

    Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthday to youWish happy birthday to someone I love

    QA QA QA! card like it? Heh hehCards + Gift(I personally do Oh! haha)Gift personally delivered to his sister very much want to have on handBut my limited capacityHad to wait for her sister to Taiwan will have the opportunity to send Hello! sorry

    This year, please?In Taiwan really miss you

    Do you still remember our agreement? Gou Gou!If we call you, sisters, they're going to, right!So I will be in Taiwan, such as sisters

    At lastOnce again, wish happy birthday I love you ^ ^

    PS. weather lately has been getting has to be careful not to catch a cold!Remember health first, stop being tired down the ...><

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  • 7 years ago

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to my love!

    Tada! Do you like the card? Heehee

    Your gift and card are actually both hand made by me! Haha

    I really wanted to give them to you in person

    But too bad, it's not really an option

    So I will give them to you when you are back in Taiwan next time! Sorry!

    How's everything this year?

    I miss you guys so much in Taiwan.

    Do you still remember our promise? Our pinky promise!

    You have to come back and visit whenever I request, right?

    So I'll be waiting in Taiwan for that!

    Last but not least,

    Happy Birthday again to my dear love ^^

    p.s. weather changes quite randomly recently, so please take care and don't get sick! Remember health comes first! Don't overwork again ><

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