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Overbite/braces help?

I have a overbite a pretty bad one surgery is an option but not one I or my parents want I'm only 16...

My two front teeth go inward and the dentist said that getting braces and straighting that first will maybe push my lower jaw forward a little more then it is saying that the teeth going in is holding back my lower jaw. He said get top braces and then in a couple months get bottoms with spring on the side becase rubber band would'nt help enough, However I went to another dentist who said invisline or reg. braces would be fine with bands and that I would still have a overbite but he know how (not explaining it but just saying he knew) to adjust it so it wont be as bad of an overbite and look better.... I don't know what to do neither does my parents, were even going to a 3rd dentist to see what they say, so far I like the one who said get the braces with the springs but not sure if that will be the best... What other things can be done to fix overbites and whats the best and not like surgery? Are the braces/springs for 2 and a half years best?

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    The dentist who mentioned "springs" has the right idea. From your description, it sounds like you have a Class II, division 2 jaw and I would be very surprised if you didn't have a TMJ disorder also. Assuming that a functionally based cephalometric analysis like the Sassouni Plus confirms this, then the "Springs" dentist (for lack of a better term) is absolutely correct when he told you the division 2 (inwardly slanted centrals) is entrapping your mandible and holding it too far back. When the division 2 is converted to a division 1 (natural flare) the entrapped mandible often moves forward naturally, but not necessarily far enough to where it needs to be so help from a functional appliance will be needed.

    The treatment plan for your situation would be to eliminate the division 2 first by converting it to a division 1, expand the jaws to their proper size, braces to straighten the teeth, and a functional appliance to advance the mandible forward so that it aligns properly with the upper jaw (this will eliminate the overjet (or "overbite" as you erroneously called it). The functional appliance can be fixed or removable. Examples of fixed appliances include the Herbst and Mara and these would be the "springs" that the "springs" orthodontist told you about. He is absolutely correct when he told you elastics (aka rubber bands) will NOT work as many orthodontic specialists otherwise believe.

    Orthodontic specialists do not know how to fix skeletal problems and you have a skeletal problem. Invisalign cannot correct skeletal problems either, it just moves teeth around (what orthodontic specialists also do). Your Class II can most likely be corrected without surgery using functional appliances but this will be confirmed by the cephalometric analysis. No matter what you do, DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO EXTRACT YOUR PREMOLARS. This is a commonly used technique used by traditional orthodontic specialists and will make your condition WORSE. In order to correct skeletal problems, jaws need to be moved (what functional appliances do) and not just teeth shuffled around (what Invisalign and traditional orthodontists do). If you want another opinion check this site to find a functional orthodontist near you: All traditional orthodontic specialists treat the same way (pull perfectly good teeth and retract anteriors) and this is called a dental correction because they see all overjets as dental problems since they are unable to correct skeletal problems.

    Source(s): functional orthodontist; treated TMJ since 1983
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    You're going to need prime and bottom so they may be able to connect the steel bands to your tooth for correction. I actually have a severe overbite and ought to get the same thing executed in a pair months. All in all, mine were about 5 thousand collectively, however coverage paid most of it, so it relies on your households insurance plan. Anyways excellent luck together with your new braces when you get them!! I will be having the identical factor carried out as you getting my bottom ones on soon!! ;)

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    I think the braces with the spring is best because it will take less time than Invisalign

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