Can anybody identify this antique mug I bought please?

I linked a photos below, It don't expect anyone to know the exact name, but I appreciate any help. Also if you can tell me any website which can help me out so I learn more about antiques I would appreciate it. Thanks! :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    You asked the same question several times

    I suggested a teapot It could be used for coffee another person said willow bark - before aspirin - Willow-bark was a herbal medicine No reason not to use the piece for all three

    You were interested in an antique website

    If you want good answers add more photos and give a height , width and length

    Here is a coffee pot that looks similar

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  • 7 years ago

    If you didn't get answers you liked the last time you posted this, why do you think you will do better this time?

    Take the thing down to the nearest museum that has a curator that deals in pottery and see what limiting information you can get from them - or a college that has both art and history of ceramics.

    It is not anything common and is not necessarily ancient, but you have got to limit it as to location and period if you are going to get any help.

    Just studying antiques (which are mostly wood furniture and luxury items) is not going to help you with something that is almost certainly a household utility item. Very slight chance it is an incense burner from large holes.

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