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what exactly are b horror films?

I watch lots of horror movies and i cant really understand what makes a film a b horror movie?

can someone explain it to me better?

i understand low does this mean ALL low budget horror movies are in the b movie genre?

3 Answers

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    It's mostly budget, but there's some more unofficial criteria. Mostly, they're low budget, short, movies that are exploitative and strictly adhere to the limitations of their chosen genre.

  • 4 years ago

    I as a rule care some nicely written script. i will't watch a action picture horror or no longer with crappy communicate. different than for that I even tend to lean in the direction of the psychological or supernatura horror. i do unlike super bloody movies like observed or Hostel, they have a tendency to haven't any actual tale merely further and extra motives to coach blood.

  • 8 years ago

    Originally meant to support the main feature at the flicks (hence b rather than a) but now a catch all for cheaper made movies ...they were usually horror or sci fi as they were the cheapest to make.

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