Question about Jack Johnson?

Im writing a research paper about how Jack Johnson opened the door for other african americas to succeed in sports and basically how he was the first one to break through the sports color barrier.. What would be a good title for this?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Jack Johnson was a very Proud and very confident about himself and his color. He was literally years ahead of his time. I'm not sure what you know or don't know about Mr. Johnson, but I think that one word would best describe Jack and that would say it all and that is PROUD. No explanation needed. Short and sweet and true.

  • You need to broaden your exposure on the history of Black athletes. Once you go beyond the standard history book insert you'll find that Jack Johnson didn't open the door for Black people to succeed in sports and by no means did he break through the sports color barrier. He was an important figure in boxing/sporting America and warrants study, but don't let a reluctant educational system (to accept Black excellence) lead you down the path of minimizing the accomplishment of others.

    Believe me kid the exploits of people like Isaac Murphy, Rube Foster and a whole host of others would blow your mind.

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    You could use the title of that Jack Johnson documentary Ken Burns released in 2004, called Unforgettable Blackness. Unforgettable Blackness is a fitting title

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    I stopped being a fan when he was accused of child molestation (rape, basically). OK, people make up crap to get "shut up" money. He NEVER should have paid them off. You just don't hear about it anymore. But if you accused me of that, damn right I'd defend myself legally. I won't pay you to make up stories and defame me. ANYBODY (Michale Jackson, anybody?) who pays off those liars are covering something up. Thus the "liars" are actually telling a truth you don't want to get out.

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