levothyroxine, thyroid question please help! FRUSTRATED!!!!?

so my thyroid levels came back 4.7 is this hyper or hypo? i am over weight, no tolerance to heat, have a hard time getting full,i have a super fast metabolism, i have a great tolerance to being cold/cold weather. My dr put my on levothyroxine 25mcg. i get it retested in 2 months. I havent noticed any changes. ive been taking it for a few days my dr didnt explain this at all to me and she is now treating my thyroid issue 4 years later, basically took another dr to tell her how to do her job.. my questions are am i hyper or hypo? also how long will it take for me to notice significant changes also including weightloss.

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    7 years ago
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    A TSH of 4.7 indicates very mild hypothyroidism.

    The TSH is the thyroid stimulating hormone made in the brain. The brain makes more of it when it senses that thyroid hormone levels are low. 4.7 is just slightly high and suggests that the levels are a bit lower than your brain would like.

    The effects of the thyroid hormone medication are cumulative. It takes about 6 weeks to see the full effect - for the levels of medication to build up- but especially with severe symptoms, people often see some change within the first week.

    Weight loss will probably be among the more gradual changes. You may not even see any weight loss- more likely it will help you to not gain more weight, although it might help you lose weight. The additional thyroid hormone does increase metabolism, but it also increases appetite; people generally lose a few pounds after going on thyroid hormone but generally it's not a dramatic loss that happens.

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