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2009 Cadillac STS-V .. Manual says I have an automatic 3 flash signal - but it wont work for me? Details ->?

What I'm talking about is when you tap the signal lever, the signal is supposed to signal 3 times on it's own. In the manual, it says I have that feature (Look at the link below), but when I tap my signal lever, it stops flashing once I let go, as opposed to blinking 3 times automatically. Anyone have any clue? -- I've searched many forums but no one has a solution.

Link -


Humvee - In my physical paper manual it looks exactly the same way as it does in the link above. That's what has me confused.

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    Your concern is definitely understandable in regards to your STS-V. If you feel there is a malfunction occurring, please do consult a Cadillac Dealership. They should be well-equipped to diagnose and repair the vehicle if necessary. If you plan to take it in or would like us to check for recalls, please send an e-mail to with your VIN#, name, situation, dealership, contact information, and mileage. I hope this is resolved quickly for you.


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    Ah, found it in your owners manual. Do you have an actual GM Owners Manual??? I think there was a change in your manual if you do have the actual paperbook version. But they omitted the part where it says it will flash 3 times. Just wondering if maybe it was either a typo or something that may have been but was later deleted as an added deal due to some engineers designs

    Here is what is printed online in your owners manual:::::

    An arrow on the instrument panel cluster flashes in the direction of the turn or lane change.

    Move the lever all the way up or down to signal a turn.

    Raise or lower the lever until the arrow starts to flash to signal a lane change. Hold it briefly until the lane change is complete.

    The lever returns to its starting position when it is released.

    If after signaling a turn or lane change the arrow flashes rapidly or does not come on, a signal bulb may be burned out.

    Have the bulbs replaced. If the bulb is not burned out, check the fuse. See Fuses and Circuit Breakers.

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