is my desktop ok for FL Studio 10?

I have a Dell XPS L502X that is obviously easily good enough to run it. But i find it uncomfortable using a laptop at a desk for some reason and want to use a bigger monitor. Its an old desktop, Dell Dimension 1100, has a celeron D 2.53ghz processor, 1gb ram. I know its extremely low specs and be a little glitchy here and there but is it good enough for now until i can get some cash together to build a desktop? ive opened up FL Studio and Reason 5 and they boot up quick enough, just wondering if it will just crash if i have to many tracks and Instruments open at once. thanks


Jerry H - Thats what i was thinking, soon as i start adding to many tracks its just gonna choke up. whats the minimum spend im gonna be looking at to get a desktop that will be good enough for 2 maybe 3 years tops?

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  • 7 years ago
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    No doubt they will run but once you start adding tracks and all it's going to choke.


    Well it's more about the processing power and RAM. A Celeron is very weak so it can't handle much at all and with 1GB RAM it's limited in what it can hold at any given time so when you start adding tracks it will play choppy and laggy. It could probably handle a few tracks but thats it. For a modern machine you just need something with at least quad core processor (which are pretty much in most new computers) and plenty of RAM. At least 8GB. You don't have to break the bank just get something new

  • 3 years ago

    What your CPU like, on an identical time as your utilising that application, does it flow to one hundred% in use? EDIT - To me curiously like your CPU isn't fairly upto the pastime, once you get the chipset and socket type, probably you may do alittle learn top right into a achievable strengthen, yet whilst its an historic computing device then is likewise worth making an investment in a greater robust pc. in case you place the chipset kind and socket top here, then i will have a seem once you like. EDIT: I notwithstanding have not got faith your CPU is useful adequate, additionally probably worth upgrading the OS to sixty 4-bit.

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