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Teen pregnancy laws in the state of Maryland.?

Ok I just found out I am pregnant. I turn 17 on the 27 of march. I do not live with my mom but I have been living with my boyfriend for the past 6 months , she kicked me out because I caught her smoking crack in the bathroom and I called her out. My mother hasn't always been in my life , she just got custody of me a few years ago when my grandma died , my mom has been a hard core drug addict my whole life and she is very money hungry. I hear that if your a minor and have a baby the leagle guardian of the child will have costody of the child and the baby until she is 18. If this is true what can I do to stop this. I want my boyfriend to be a part of the child's life and he does to. What rights do I have , and if I wanted to sign all rights of the baby to him and his family could that be possible. I don't want my child raised around my mom. My guidance counsler told me that as soon as I have the baby I will be on my own like emancipated but emancipation is illegal in the state of Maryland. Please help I want my child to have a good life and abortion and adoption are not an option I am already pregnant

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    When your child is born you will by law retain full custody of your child...

    The only way that your mother could gain custody of your child is hire an attorney and file for custody in the family court and then she would have to prove to a judge that you are an unfit mother and she would also have to prove to the judge that the father is also unfit to care for the child and then prove that she herself is fit to have custody and take care of the child. Since she has a drug problem then that will never happen.

    Your mother kicked you out and you are not even 18 yet, what your mother did is a criminal act for which she can be prosecuted under Maryland child abuse laws so I doubt she will want to involve the court system.

    You should make an appointment with Maryland Department of Social Services and get a caseworker to help you, tell them about your mothers drug abuse and criminal history and that she kicked you out of the house for complaining about her crack smoking, tell them that because of her drug use and smoking crack in the house you are afraid for your safety and the safety of your unborn child.

    Emancipation is not illegal in maryland it is handled on a case by case basis, however Social Services can declare your mother unfit and appoint you a legal guardian which since you are pregnant could be your boyfriends parents since they are the grandparents of the child.

    So your first step is to go to Social Services so you can get the help and protection that is available to you.

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  • Mutt
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    Emancipation is not "illegal" in Maryland. Maryland does not have a defined process to get emancipated, but you can still petition the courts to become emancipated. And no, being a parent while under 18 does not automatically make you emancipated.

    You could make a very simple case to get emancipated since your mother kicked you out. There may be other issues involved (such as supporting yourself), and you need to consult with a lawyer in your area for specific details. A guidance counselor is a good start, but a lawyer is more knowledgeable on the law that a guidance counselor would.

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  • Allan
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    The only problem is - your age.

    With family able to back you, would have been nice.

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  • 7 years ago

    You should maybe move to a different state?

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