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Sent home from work for having 2 beers 4 hours before work. Why ? Harassment ?

I work in a grocery store. Well on break an employee asked me what I did that day ? I said that I went to the St.Patrick's Day parade and then went out for lunch and had a couple beers at 1145am that day. I did not have to be at work till 4pm that day. I began my shift and worked for three hours already at this time and it was just any normally day to me. When a manager walked in and had overheard my conversation. My boss was trying to say it was a liability issue which I think was just a way to try and **** me off. As the week prior I had mentioned that I was planning to open a business that is related to the grocery industry.

I feel like this was a form of harassment used against me to try and make me quite my job ?

Although I welcomed the opportunity to leave 2.5 hours early that day on such a great holiday. I had already given advance notice of when I would be shortening my hours. I have worked in the grocery industry for five years and had just transferred jobs to this new place which I have been working at for five months. I have had no problems and felt everything was going okay until I said I was going to become an owner of my own business.

I took the day off today as I told my boss I was to drunk to come into work. I wasn't just a little hungover. Well past the way I felt the day prior. Now I am thinking of submitting a letter requiring me to get treatment for my alcohol addiction of 2 beers 4 hours before work "everyday" I honestly really don't care anymore about the job but I also don't like to get walked on for stupid for crap without feeding people a little medicine in the form of law and rights.


I still work here. As I understand my rights as being an employee hired past 3 month probation period. I should be given a a verbal and written warning before hand. They can not just fire me on the spot. As my understanding is alcohol abuse is a medical condition in the form of law.

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    Would you like to be served in a grocery store by a clerk who reeks of beer?

    I'm not sure what kind of stupid game you think you are playing, but the person who ends up getting screwed can only be you. You probably do not have an alcohol addiction problem but you sound very much like you have some anger and entitlement issues.

    Your employer is in the grocery business. Not in the business training irresponsible people to work someplace else, or to compete with him. So if you make it known at work that you are there only for a short time until you open a store of your own, there is no reason why he should give you full hours and train you.

    Start looking for another job now, because you are already half way to being fired. Actually, the owner will not fire you. He will gradually keep cutting your hours until you leave on your own. You see, as opposed to you, he actually does know how to run a grocery store. And how to protect himself from trouble makers.

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    Ask your manager. Your post is an obvious hoax, and it has been reported.

    " make me quite my job ? "

    Since you can't spell "quit", you're obviously a conservative,

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    You're lucky you still have a job there..........or do you?

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