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寒假作業英文翻譯 麻煩各位大大幫忙


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    Winter vacation a began, whole is mixed eat, died,, with new year took red envelopes, fall of days had was special fast, immediately to led red envelopes of night, eat finished meal, we are to living room rest see TV, c Ma began made red envelopes, all of child seems in the has music through happy of joy, took finished Hou first pieces thing course is back room see, total got how many, can spent how many, this when most terrorist of to has, listen with door outside of footsteps sound increasingly near, at this time too late Tibetan money has, Mother came in the room out of the clutches of the terrible took several sheets, immediately falling into hell from heaven, can only blame their hands and feet so slowly, lose this winter only harvest opportunities.

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