Why am I not popular of facebook despite me being nice?


And posting nice stuff! and nice links!

And whenever I post a "stupid" link THAT is the one that is liked! Talk about annoying...

I have like 200 plus "friends"...where they when I post stuff? I don't even try to be THAT popular, just normal popularity...


Which makes me sometimes hesitant to post anything anymore!!

It's like I'm talking to myself sadly...

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  • 8 years ago
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    Popularity is NOT that big of a deal!. Especially on Facebook. You should get out more and do stuff rather than focusing on how popular your facebook is. Trust me it's not important. Years down the road you won't even remember how many friends you had on Facebook, but you will remember good times outside the computer! so get off Facebook and go have a life. (that's not suppose to sound mean.. Honest. I didn't know any other way to word it)

    Source(s): I'm 16. I have a Facebook. And I don't really care about how popular I am on it.
  • 8 years ago

    You can not include "popular" and "facebook" in the same sentence.

    Try spending time with your peers in reality.

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