Why is Battlefield 3 obsessed with dinosaurs?

there is dino easter eggs all over each map


why did they add them in the first place

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    8 years ago
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    I remember reading about this somewhere and I believe it went like this:

    When MW2 (or some other CoD game) was released, some person from InfinityWard went to either /b/ or /v/ on 4chan and started a thread asking for peoples' opinions of the game. Someone said "there's not enough dinosaurs," to which everyone followed suit. The thread was then filled with 50+ posts talking about the lack of dinosaurs and how "dinosaurs are a deciding factor" in their purchases.

    I think you'd get the full story if you were to Google "BF3 dinosaur story" or "cod dinosaur 4chan" or something like that.

    Source(s): Read it awhile back.
  • 8 years ago

    Cause dinosaurs are awesome, obviously

    Source(s): there are dinosaurs on the tie I'm wearing right now
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