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total loss what happens next?!?

i was in a car accident on the 10th, even though it was NOT my fault, according to california law and the insurance companies it is :( after being told by both insurance companies that it was my fault and that my insurance policy doesnt cover inspection i sold the car to the body shop it was towed to. heres the issue, i only had liability and my car is considered a total loss. when i first filed the claim my insurance basically told me that it sounded like it was my fault and that my policy does not inculde inspection so the inspection was cancelled. then today, a week later, i get a call from my insurance saying that we need to schedule and inspection of the car. but i already sold it to the body shop! so what happens now? am i going to to be reimbursed by allstate to by a car of same value? what is the inspection for if they already told me my policy doesnt cover that? what is going on? help!

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    If according to the law the accident was your fault, then it was.

    If you had only liability, that pays for damages to someone else's property. Your policy will pay you nothing. If the insurance company still wants to inspect the car, perhaps to prove the other party at fault in some way, they need to contact the body shop for permission and to see if it is still available.

    Ask them what is going on, there is no way for us to know.

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