I really like this guy...?

So i met this guy hes older than me by 3 years....I met him on the internet my friends were good friends with him.(Online friends ive known these people for 2 years but i dont actually know them...). So i met him and i gave him my number and now we text ALL the time

We call eachother sometimes and talk. Ive seen him. And He isnt ugly but looks dont matter to me. (And yes he proved it was him....). We plan on meeting eachother some day and hes now like a brother to me

I tell him everything and i trust him with my life. Hes the only guy who had really accepted me for who i am. He knows i like him..but i dont think he knows i was serious when i told him. He told me he has a girlfriend.....but i still really like him...yet i dont wanna ruin our friendship. He says he loves me like a sister

But he has never told me he liked me like i truely love him. I dont know what to do

Everyday i love him more and more. And i cant help it what should i do? Ive mever loved anyone like i love him....Should i tell him how i really feel ir stay his best friend and just try to keep it.to myself... ?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    YOLO stop wasting your time.

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