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What's up with so many licentious Christians if they are made "anew" by Jesus Christ?

I've heard countless times that "when a person accepts Jesus Christ as their savior, they become a new person", yet almost every Christian I've ever known was not "new" at all. In fact, they were just the same as they ever were - they gave themselves a new label.

Could someone please explain this notion to me? I'm so confused. =/



* Should read "they just gave themselves a new label".


Update 2:

If you don't know what the word "licentious" means you need to LOOK IT UP before answering!!!!!!

Update 3:

I've called no-one names here. I've expressed an observation of 50 years of living among people claiming to be Christian - people who accepted Jesus Christ as their savior (with one of those "please enter my heart, Jesus" prayers. Kindly have the decency you claim you've gotten from Jesus Christ himself to refrain from calling ME names. Thank you!!

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    Yeah they shoulda done what Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (AKA "Saint Constantine") did: withhold baptism until you're on your deathbed. That way none of the sins made before baptism count, and you can get into heaven with a clean slate.

    Probably a good idea, considering how many people he killed to get to the top.

    And for those who don't "get" what licentious means, here are some helpful synonyms (that means, words that mean the same thing):















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    I accepted Jesus as savior when I was about 15. I was still the same jerk I was before and gave up...until I was 34 and God (Holy Spirit) paid me a visit. At that point I repented of living my way and THEN I was born again. Everything changed. My body was extremely sick and I was healed instantly. I used to do drugs and instantly I no longer had the desire to do them. I used to screw around A LOT, but then I was happy with one woman. I used to be an adrenalin junkie, but then I settled down and realized that my guardian angel had saved my life numerous times and I would be tempting God to continue doing those things. Jesus in your heart without submission to him changes little in ones life. Submission and asking the Holy Spirit to live inside your body changes everything. A lot of mainline denominations either ignore or reject the power of the Holy Spirit. This puts them into an extremely dangerous position; not bearing fruit or to the extreme, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

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    Say, believe, and practice "now not my will, but yours (Jesus') be finished." listen and be conscious of the Holy Spirit's path in your day-to-day life. Be equipped to obey when asked. Love others. Be a promise keeper. Be type. Be ready to give others an reply about why you consider in Jesus. Be in charge to your possess moves.

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    I agree with you on the term "label" they are giving them selves.

    I believe it is a result of their notion of them selves being licentious. A need to feel better about them selves. A need to look better in a society of their likes. It is a matter of hypocritical behavior, nothing more.

    So they can keep on "playing theater" to their society/environment once more.

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    Not sure what you mean. You're not going to see a physical change. When they say made anew they mean spiritually. If you mean they're not living right, then they most likely are not made anew. You will know when a Christian is serious about their newfound faith. And seeing as it sounds like you don't hang around true Christians you might not find any real full-hearted Christians.

  • Bruce
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    John 7:24: "Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.”

    You can't look into a person's heart from their outward appearance. That's God's business. Thus, you are judging by mere appearances. For example, you wouldn't know what that person would be doing had he or she not chosen to follow Jesus as Lord.



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    You confuse new with 'regenerated'. Personality must change over time with amendment of life, and that change can take decades, but the newness is immediate.

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    It is part of the lure of their cult. God forgives them for any sin they commit and that makes them better than anyone who isn't going to be forgiven for doing the exact same sins.

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    They probably aren't real christians, Either way, I haven't come across anyone, even a christian who is 100% righteous.

    I thought I was, but i reevaluated and I wasn't changed.

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  • Mkemke
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    new spirit. not the body. the body will die and rot.. the spirit will forever be righteous.

    some people have no idea of being "new"

    some just sulk in their mind that God is angry with them... alot of factors to consider aswell

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