What would make a cool first car for a teenager?

I have a spending limit of $9,000 and it needs to be a used car. I want one that will turn heads, is reliable, powerful, and relatively fuel efficient. I am a teenage boy so I don't want one that looks like an egg.

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    budget of 9,000 requires the car to be used or stolen. you can't have new for that much. turns heads means either a luxury brand or a sports car. power and fuel efficiency might be hard to combine especially at that budget but when yo realize that you don't really need that much power just more than your friends, we have some leeway.

    i suggest an early 2000s german luxury sedan like a mercedes C class, audi a4, or BMW 3 series. the BMW will most likely be the most fun to drive because they typically have rear wheel drive (over audi's safer and slower all wheel drive) and more manual transmission options than mercedes. any german luxury car will have expensive maintenance but if the previous owners have taken good care of it, you shouldn't have to fix up anything serious unless you break it. on the looks side, most people tend to like those german cars, they wont stand out much like a sports car would but they offer much better reliability, typically a better history (sports cars are driven hard while not all luxury cars see the same level of use), typically better fuel economy and more interior features.

    if you are intent on buying a car just to be fast, look for a nissan 300zx. it's pretty quick and will turn heads (some may not like its looks but it will still turn heads) fuel efficiency might be lower than a german luxury sedan and reliability might not be as good but you can sure bet it will be fast.

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    What would make a cool first car for a teenager?

    I have a spending limit of $9,000 and it needs to be a used car. I want one that will turn heads, is reliable, powerful, and relatively fuel efficient. I am a teenage boy so I don't want one that looks like an egg.

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    I remember when i was a teenager i wanted an rx8 to turn everyone's attention towards me! Funny that is around the 9k price range also! But i ended up going with Volvo b/c my parents owned them for over a decade. What you need is a fuel efficient car that wont break your budget, be realistic in this world. You will most likely buy a used car, so the question is can you afford the car note, insurance, and taking care of the car all together. I was in your shoes once, and i realize the costs to maintain an automobile. My 2006 S60 cost me about two grand in the past 4 months to clean up because of it being used(Timing belt, brakes+rotors, tires). That's pretty much the main problem with buying used.

    Okay im going off topic, but for your age you could get an rx8 but maintaining that is a -check under the hood every drive- sorta car. Or you could get a Honda or Toyota, saving yourself the time, money, and the maintenance isnt to heavy!

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    Coolest First Cars

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    Just get a normal car and put some subs in it. That will turn heads...

    Your first car doesn't need to be cool. I was one of the first people in my class to get my own car, and that was cool enough. Most people will be driving their parents cars unless they get jobs or are lucky. If you want a car, though, you will probably want a car with a V8, like a '93-'02 Camaro, or about the same year Mustang. I can't tell you about reliability, and gas mileage won't be good. Insurance will suck for any car that will be "cool".

    (Trucks with a lift kit will turn heads, but give the wrong message...)

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    If you want people to turns heads, you need to know more about cars and how they work. Don't go out buying a new car or a mustang or something.

    My first car was a use civic. After fixing it up and moding the engine, it got people attentions.

    That's what you should be doing.

    Don't just buy a car with no knowladge of automotive or people will think you just someone with a car who knows nothing and just want attention.

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    honestly, iv been in your position, wanting a cool car that everyone will love and the chicks will be dropping their panties just looking at my car, but its not always about that. alot of the times you will find yourself looking at a car that looks awesome, and un-intentially you overlook issues it has. my biggest thing to give you advice on. look at function before form. find a car that is a great reliable car that will last you a couple of years until you can buy your way into a less used car. then with a list of reliable cars, pick the one that looks the best. and theres your choice. trust me, in the end you will be happier with a car that wont be a hunk of doodoo over a car that looks sick but is a hunk of crap in the end.

    as for your choice, id go with a car. a 4 or 2, v6, or 4 cylinder/turbo with a 5 or 6 speed. its small, fast, more fuel effient than trucks or suv's. they can be powerfull and sound nice with little work. something like a civic si, vw golf, hyundai genisis, something like that.

    if you want to go bigger, look at jeeps, they are easy to work on and reliable. but that are very thursty.

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    Get an Audi a6, 2.7t. Very fast good looking (at least to me). Perhaps look into the Audi Allroad. Looks great and has airbag suspension (this might give u some issues but with your budget its no big deal). Or buy any car and put some 20 inch rims on there :P

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    Why must your first car turn heads ? You want power and fuel economy ? Its one or the other , so decide which is more important keeping in mind that powerful cars driven by teenagers means costlier car insurance . This is your first car , not your last car so use your head instead of your ego.

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