eating out vs eating at home?

I have a friend who is overweight, and before we spoke I never knew much about her. When I got to know her I found out she goes out to eat every other night. For pizza, "fancy food"=fattenting, "salads" etc. She does not enjoy eating home cooked meals. In her household there will be close to 3 nutella jars, cookies chips etc. I was never to keen on eating out before I met her, I actually gained about 5 pounds in the time span of going out. But now and before I would ALWAYS eat homemade food. My mom is a chef, and she has cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family and I all of our lives, and I have never been fat. The biggest I have been is 125.Today I'm 115, and that's because I cut eating out and sodas. Could eating out be the reason my friend is overweight? I mean this in the nicest way possible. My mom will even actually cook meals with like wheat, and sugar but even when I was younger I ate whatever she would make INCLUDING lots of white bread and never gained weight? Could it be becaue she makes her own bread etc? She will cook, egg plants, spinach, cabbage etc

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    The benefit of making your own food is that you know what is in it, and that is why I rarely eat out. It's not so much the fact of eating out that causes weight gain. It's just for some reason that when people eat out, they eat more. It is much easier to eat more food when you don't have to make it. You just say I want this, and it comes out of the kitchen. On the websites of all restaurants you can find a nutrition label, at least at this point they should have them. One there you can see the ingredients of things. There are two problems. The first problem is that they give you way more food than you should be eating. The serving sizes at restaurants nowadays could feed 2, or 3 people. When my parents go out to eat while on vacation, they order one dinner, and share it for that reason. Also, the ingredients do not tell you how the food is cooked. If it is fried, you better believe there is more fat in the food. A lot of food at restaurants is cooked in grease, or butter.

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    A. Eat fast meals: probably twice a month. Some nights coming dwelling from work late and my husband has already eaten I swing by means of McDonald's for a burger or a salad B. Dine-in or raise-out Restaurant meal: more often than not on no account. My husband and i quite don't ever go out except it is with my mom and dad. C. Make dinner at residence (mac and cheese, hamburger helper-sort meal): mostly twice a week D. Make a residence-cooked meal(now not necessarily all from scratch however the fundamental components did not come from a bag or box): most in most cases. My daughter is eight months historic. I make all her meals from scratch. My husband and i eat plenty of home made pasta dishes, burgers, sandwiches, regularly we make pizza. We even make stews typically. It simply is dependent upon the night time and the way tired we are. Developing up as a child my loved ones ate dinner together each single night time. Now i've my possess family and would like to do the identical however with my husband's work schedule it's not always viable.

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    Eating out vs eating at home?

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    Yes, eating out will probably make you gain weight. They add a lot of flavouring, preservatives, etc that are unhealthy. Food your parents cook (lucky you!!) probably use better ingredients x3 If your friend really enjoys eating out, try sushi!! Ever wonder why so many Asians are skinny?

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    eating out isn't the cause of her being overweight. I have many friends who eat out. It's her lifestyle, it's purely focused highly around food. She's consuming a lot of junk food, along with lack of exercise. It's become a habit, so she probably feels she can't stop or control her self from eating so much.

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    Restaurant foods are often unhealthier than foods you can cook at home. they are loaded with sodium, fat, grease, all kinds of additives and flavoring to make your food taste better. Fast food especially is terrible for you because they deep-fry everything which makes it all the more harder on your heart and arteries. A minority of restuarants can be reasonably healh-cnscious, such as Olive garden or Panera bread, my favorite.

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    Yes. Especially alot of fast foods, and greasy foods. If I eat out I always go for the grilled chicken or baked fish, no seasonings.

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