Where can I rent baby equipment near Paterson, NJ?

I work at a Baby Rental store in Sarasota, FL. We rent cribs, high chairs, toys, changing tables, strollers, car seats... and I'm looking for some place similar in North Jersey for when we take a trip up there in May.

We have a pack and play, but we really could use a high chair and a stroller while we're up there (I don't think ours will fit in the car with all of our luggage)

Where can I find a place like this? Does it even exist?

We are driving up, so we will not be renting a car seat... But we would not rent one either way.

We are looking for a HIGH CHAIR and a STROLLER preferably a jogger.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You might look online for just a regular rental place. Those places you are looking for are usually located at the area along the beaches. Not much call for those items elsewhere.

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