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Ok so I'm about to sign up for classes for my Senior (WOOH!) year of high school! I really am still unsure about what all to take though. Just to explain some things, my school runs on a block schedule so we have 4 classes a day each semester. So I can take 8 classes total. The problem is, THIS year they decided that for next year EVERY AP class will be all year. This year, some were and some weren't. Here's what I am planning on taking:

AP Stat (2 spaces)

AP Calc AB (2 spaces)

AP Govt (2 spaces)

Honors English

Honors Dance (I'm on the school's flag and dance team so this is a requirement.)

So that would be it for all my classes.

I guess my main question is is three AP classes too much for a Senior? I'm taking three this year but only one has been all year. One was just first semester and one is just now, second semester.

I would have all three AP classes all year on top of Marching Band Colorguard/Dance Team going on AND everything involving applying to college. Also, we have to do a Senior Project!

I've done fine (A/high B) in all my previous AP classes so I don't think it'll be a problem but I don't know. Senioritis might hit!

And just in case you're wondering about what kind of schools I'm looking into my first choice is currently UNC Chapel Hill (I'm a NC resident). I talked to my guidance counselor today and he said my GPA is outstanding for Chapel Hill but they just don't look at GPA (obviously). They want a really well-rounded person. So should I just take two AP classes next year? And get to take more classes? And focus a little more on like say community service and such and have more time for that? If I did, I would drop AP Govt. My counselor also said to make sure I'm taking the AP classes to simply get prepared for college/because I'm genuinely interested in them, not just to get my GPA higher or anything. I enjoy math and science so I think I will enjoy all these classes (not entirely sure about AP Govt though. I heard it's not too bad of a class, but I don't know).

OK! So I guess that's everything. Any help, suggestions, etc. are MUCH appreciated!

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    8 years ago
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    I'm in grade 11 and taking 2 AP classes this year (all year class) I have a B in both classes and seem to be doing decent. I wouldn't mind having a third AP this year. for my senor year I'm taking 4 classes and keeping it simple b/c I got into this program where I can leave school early and take college classes. so... I'm only taking what I need to graduate. your school seems different we take 7 classes all year. it's just our electives switch. so if your are just taking 3 AP all year it should be okay. however like if u have more classes it might be difficult. I'm into music and sometimes AP homework distracts from my music. so if u are more time free take 3 if u want more time to put into dance as u said I wud say take 2 and the rest honors

    Source(s): p.s I took AP gov my freshman year.... I struggled but managed to get an 86. it was hard I had a terrible teacher that couldn't teach and the work they gave was insane for a little freshman.. high school freshie. I was recommended next year for it but I have been scared for life... do not take ap gov... and I'd say ap math like calc and stat I hear if ur amazing at math u get a high B to A but if ur average u struggle. I'm great at planning classes for any further help.
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