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I have zero self-esteem and feel like my life is completely worthless?

Please just take at least 5 minutes to read this. I'm not looking for a lengthy answer - just some useful advice.

I'm a 16 year old boy and not once in my life have I been approached by a girl let alone be asked to be anyone's boyfriend. I'm short, about 5 foot 8 and a half. I have quite bad achne and pasty skin. I have a birthmark (basically a fairly big mole) in the centre of my nose and I can't get it removed because 80% of it is below the surface and the dermatologist said it would leave an even worse scar. I'm in a friendship group of 7. I feel like I would be the worst catch. They all get some attention from girls, 3 of my mates get quite a lot and go through 3-4 girls over the course of a month. Whenever our group approach a girl or girls I'm always the one they look at with disgust. I get good grades at school and haven't gone below an A yet but that's because I work hard as I feel as though it's the only thing I've got going for me. I think almost every other boy gets tied up with girls messaging them etc, whereas I speak to no girls at all outside of the classroom and have never had that issue. I see boys entering relationships every other month. I see girls obsessing over these boys yet they haven't even spoken to them. They have really deep feelings for these boys and the boys just don't care. I feel like I just get overlooked. I've never been bullied but I feel like it's because people feel sorry for me instead. I go to the gym and play for the school football team in an attempt to improve my popularity but it's never made any difference amongst girls.

I feel as though if I were to disappear right now, apart from my friends (which all happen to be male) most people would just say ask "who's that?". I feel like my life is worthless and I thought I should share it to see how other people felt. Thanks.

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    Okay, don't worry hun! i am 17 and I'm a chic, look, i have never had a boyfriend before and i have straight A's. Not all girls are all about dating and I'm sure that not all boys are all about dating too. As a girl, i personally would not like to date someone who is constantly dating random and different people. dating a girl that is looking for short and maybe fake relationship will get you nowhere and will probably only harm you. Thus, i say you should concentrate in your studies, your body is perfect the way it is and the "flaws" might be something attractive to someone. Don't worry about your height!!! 5'8 is fine! i tell you sometimes girls that are not that tall look for boys that have an average size. Popularity is not everything it will get you fake friends that do not appreciate you as a whole and will get you the typical friends that come and go. never say that your life is worthless, you sound like an AWESOME person and trust me, you don't have to change any part of your self! Good luck :D :)

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    Like most people said, this is common. However, it sounds like you need to be more confident. If you have good grades and play football then you should be. As for being self conscious about your looks, get more opinions on the birthmark. There are different treatments to get rid of even those types. Scars can look pretty cool and be a talking point, like if someone asks how you got it say it's from fighting alligators. Also branch out a bit, like try social networking to meet girls with common interests that will like you for who you are.

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    You're right. It is worthless. That's an honest answer. Not much you can do about this problem. I am fucked too. For years, I was ignored by girls. I know how it feels. The truth is it will always be like this. Life is just not fair.

    You might have to see a different Dermatologist to get that thing removed from your nose. It doesn't hurt to get a second opinion.

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    Look dude, you're smart and I've never met you but you seem nice.

    Feel good!

    You're the one who's gonna have a job and a house and nice things when you're older!

    There's always going to be someone out there.

    I know you'll meet the right person.

    You probably get this kinda thing loads but I'm gonna say it anyway.

    Just concentrate on keeping your grades up!

    You'll find someone, just hang in there :)

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    is a girl ur entire life? she might be ...but for that u need to get the right one.if u have not yet met someone it means that god's busy planning a good girl for you.u should be happy n dont pity urself or feel bad it happens.u have to let go of bad oranges to get the good one . its okay it happens at this age.i'm sure one day there'll be this girl who will come to you and she is going to stick around through thick n thin. dont break her heart then huh?:P ! just chillax! ur toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good gor them!! i am a girl too n i know how others girl dont even look at some guys. all they want is some fair handsome popular guy.they'll learn the lesson ! u chill n concentrate on ur studies and follow ur heart!!!!!!!

    BEST OF LUCK!!! I'M sure a any girl will be lucky to have you!!

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    Your problems mainly come from worrying about not getting girls. Try to concentrate on other things. The gym would be great to concentrate on and maybe help you step into boxing or something to improve your confidence. Concentrate on that and the girls will come along eventually.

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    This is all too common at your age. Hang on in there - you will find as you get older there will be girls out there who find you attractive. I promise you - 100% guarantee. There is someone for everyone. Being a teenager is no fun sometimes but you'll get there.

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