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Why do people keep saying that Swedish Princess Madeleine is so stunningly beautiful?

I am not trying to say she is ugly...Just that she isn't all that. Yet the press keeps pushing the narrative that she is sooooo beautiful. Is it just that she is a Princess so they have to say this or what? She is a pleasant looking girl, but nothing above average. It is the same with Prince Harry of the United Kingdom. The press keeps saying how gorgeous he is...But he's just a fit, pale, ginger...

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    My dear Quest, one must understand that all things are relative. Now, that Madeleine girl may not necessarily be the most ravishing vixen on the planet, but in Royal terms she is quite attractive. One should not forget that in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!

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    Because, among the royals, she IS. She is the one of the only single princesses of marriageable age, and definitely the most beautiful among them.

    Compare: The Yorks, Princess Stéphanie, etc.

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