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What airlines fly out of CDG or Orly for Tarbes Airport (Lourdes)?

My U.S. flight arrives at CDG at 8:30am at CDG. The only flight I see to Lourdes (PAU AIRPORT) is at 1:40pm out of Orly. There is one flight schedule from Orly directly to Lourdes/Tarbes airport is at 5pm and that's a long wait for me.

I would like to fly directly to Lourdes airport if I can find another airline? Expedia is only showing British Air.

From Pau Airport, I am told to take taxi to Pau Train Station and from there, go to Lourdes. How much is taxi from Paul Airport to Lourdes?

I am a shy senior but would be great if I could "share" ride with someone going to Lourdes and offer to share car expenses but I know that would probably not happen.

Thank you.

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    I wouldn't flight into Lourdes Tarbes airport, I'd take Air France direct flight from CDG airport to Pau Uzein airport, to avoid changing airports in Paris.

    To go from Pau Uzein airport to Pau train station take the bus line 20, the journey lasts about 26' and costs 1€

    Then take the train from Pau to Lourdes, it takes around 30'

    A cab from Pau Uzein airport to Lourdes cost around 90€. Yes, you can share the ride if you find someone going to Lourdes, I've shared cabs more than once when I go to the South East of France, there's no train station in the city where I go and I don't feel like taking the bus after more than 4 hours journey in the train.

    Wouldn't it be easier to take the train?

    Airline Companies that flight into Lourdes airport :'iti...

    I saw the bus that @ Rona mentions, it's direct but I don't see fights leaving from Paris around lunchtime. Airlinair has direct flights Paris - Lourdes but the flight is at 4:15 PM.

    Bus timetable


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  • 7 years ago

    There is regular shuttle bus to the Train Station from the Airport the cost a few Euroes for bus and then about 12 euroes for train

    Taxi will be about 100 Euroes

    Only found one other flight about one hour sooner.

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