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How should I convince my parents to buy me expensive clothes such as Abercrombie or hollister?

So my parents are money savers,they hate spending money on looks and stuff.i don't know how to convince them to buy me Abercrombie or hollister jackets...HELP!!!

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    You can convince them by earning your own money and spending it on those items. My daughter (age 5) wears Justice, abercromie and Hurley, but I also get them second hand and at garage sales (I usually pay 50¢-$1 per article of clothing). Brands are important to her, but I refuse to pay full price for them.

    Be flexible. Can you find then items you are looking for at a consignment shop such as Plato's Closet? Will your parents be willing to give you a clothing allowance and you decide where to spend it? For example, if they are willing to spend $100 per year on new clothing for you, would they be willing to just give you the $100 and if you decide to blow it on two things then so be it (bearing in mind, of course that you don't get any more money for clothing later)? Perhaps they would be willing to pay a certain amount ($15 for a pair of jeans, for example) if you were willing to make up the difference.

  • First off all there's nothing wrong with your parents being money savers. Saving money is a wise thing to do and your parents are being responsible - you never know when you are going to need money for other important things like in an emergency paying for food or gas bills. Hollister and Abercrombie are quite expensive and to be honest I don't understand the appeals to those stores - their clothes are nothing special and they are over-priced. The material is cheap and you could find cheaper and nicer clothes in other shops. Instead of worrying about clothes, fashion and looks you should focus on other important things like friends, family and education.

    Oh here's an idea. If you want to buy expensive clothes, go and get a JOB!You want something, you pay for it xoxo

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    It is your parents money. They don't want to buy certain brands because they find them to expensive that is their decision and you just need to suck it up and get over it. But if you need the jackets so bad go out find a job and earn the money to buy these jackets. Also I think you might be getting your needs and wants mixed up.

    Source(s): This is coming from someone who was majorly spoiled and got everything she wanted growing up.
  • I can see why they don't want to waste money, because the clothes are expensive. Maybe you could do a small job such as mowing lawns if you want to buy it yourself. You could also look for one on sale that they will buy you. Or, you could offer to pay for half...

    Hope it helped!

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    Why should they? Brand named clothes are a rip-off, and no better than unbranded clothes. Your parents are using their money wisely.

    If you really want to bow to that peer pressure stuff and have expensive clothes, you should offer to pay the extra amount yourself.

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    Go to walmart, you can buy 500 tshirts for 50$. At holister you can buy a shirt for fifty dollars. Google it.

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    First of all, do you even need them? Imagine if you had to work to buy those things?

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    7 years ago

    Get a job and buy it yourself.

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    get a job.

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    Your name is Nathan my name is Nathan go Nathan !!

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