What does having a sense of "presence" mean?

Is it not simply a natural sense of "I am," knowing with certitude that we (something about us, including the body, but also greater than the body) exist? Is this not the one thing we know unequivocally about ourselves, though we might question everything else? Is this not the first thing of which we are conscious, our primary essential Self?

If this is our baseline (knowing "I am"), then to what is it rooted, from what does it arise? What is aware of this sense of presence, of the "I am"?

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    Great question Shiva !!

    What am I suppose to tell her that is not told by the others here ? Let me go, I just wanna read the answers here ! You gonna make me sound crazy anyway !

    You tell her that when `` I am`` truly is realized even the term I am is lost because it is no longer a term but the being ITself. You tell her that

    You tell her that when the mind silences itself from all theistic arguments and the curiosity of the mind is subdued by the truths of the heart then IT becomes to be as IT were and IT truly IS.

    Tell her that the need to proclaim simply looses its need for IT needs not to be told of what IT IS to be truly what IT IS.

    One more thing Shiva. Tell her that it is very, so very important to know then to beleive. Tell her that what`s more important then the millions of books that has been written is ones very experience of IT, THAT and THIS. Tell her that when one simply beleives without knowing or experiencing the very beliefs would become an illusion. Tell her Shiva to follow her own truths of her own heart for you reside there too. Don`t lie to me Shiva I know you do ! Gotcha !

    Love you madman ! Love you in billion`s of faces and heartbeats !

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    Presence Means

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    In a round about way:

    The question isn't "Who am I"? The question is: "What am I". And as long

    as you try to answer "who am I", you are always going to come up with

    an answer different from the real one, which is:

    You are the Presence of God expressed, or the presence of God

    expressing Himself.

    You are a function, not a thing.

    You are a movement, not an object.

    You are, you could say, the place where God shines through.

    You see? that's a what not a who.

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    This generally has to do with the way others perceive us, not the way we perceive ourselves. When someone is said to have great "presence" it means they command attention, whether alone or in a crowd, for various reasons. Personality, beauty, intelligence, or any combination of such attractive qualities makes a person unable to ignore. There are those who blend into the background, but those that stand out are the ones with great presence. I believe what you were referring to above is having a sense of "self-awareness."

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    The body and mind are a false sense of self that has the attention trapped in the world of form and appearance. The experience of Presence which comes when the attention is redirected toward the essence of being, the Substance rather than the appearance, our nature as pre sense when we discern the unseen Reality upon which the appearance of 'things' takes form. When we dream our dream is a complete universe that is very much like the one God has dreamed. It is made of the same stuff and has the same substance. That is, the appearance of substance. If in your dream you knock on wood you will hear the rap and feel the wood on your knuckles. And it is real just as this dream of God's is real. Our dreams do not start with a Big Bang and neither has God's. We have a sense of self, the presence of being an entity of body and mind but when that body and that mind collapse and return to the material form from which it arose, we still have our conscious awareness of self and now it has not the form it took but rather the essence of being that has presence but only subtle form. Ideas are things that have subtle form until they are brought into concrete form by effort and manipulation of the material creation. But they are things, subtle and unformed just the same when they are not brought into form.

    That awareness of being sans form can be experienced in deep meditation and then there is no doubt after that about the nature of being. The Bible clearly says, 'Is it not written that ye are god's?' and God's nature is our nature when we awaken in that state of being through prayer and the grace that comes of the death of the ego/mind level of personality. Or so it appears to me.


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    What does having a sense of "presence" mean?

    Is it not simply a natural sense of "I am," knowing with certitude that we (something about us, including the body, but also greater than the body) exist? Is this not the one thing we know unequivocally about ourselves, though we might question everything else? Is this not the first...

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    I sense this space of I am is our connection as one. This is a space of pure love.

    It reminds me of Jesus saying to love your neighbor as yourself.


    "If this is our baseline (knowing "I am"), then to what is it rooted, from what does it arise?

    The I that is in me is the very I that is in you---->from where there is no separation, that is where our baseline knowing "I am" arises. I do reckon. What is aware of this sense of presence, of the "I am"?" I don't know, lol! But this Q made me curious about omnipresence and I looked it up. It is the state of being present everywhere, simultaneously. The opposite of homeless I wonder.

    Thanks for the question. I feel stretched. :)

  • You could see this like a perception, a ''sense'' that you could add to the 21 or 33 identified scientifically (if you like science things and scientific realism)...

    Take for example depersonalization or derealization, in it, you lack completely of that sense of presence (habitually also have undesirable symptoms, such as excessive ruminations, etc.), and this was attributed to a certain overactive part of the brain (I heard) (like when you think fast when seeing a lion watching you really meanly in the wild, but you're not in chock, et cetera..)

    Then, a philosophist's way of thought (not the one's who wrote like Nietzsche, Camus, etc...(which established something to think from for stability or those just didn't completely detach and stopped onto those certain degrees)). The way of thought can migrate into this non existence, notably when you begin to be neutral fondamentaly on solipsism, memory/chronoception, et cetera, a full analytic way without any beliefs... Though that can reason easily with any given basic principles (types of realism, et cetera)

    Then, there's the spiritual enlightenment such as in oriental religions and ways of thinking. Which would be like a step further (or a different turn or wanting, since traditions before Buddha) than the philosophist's because you did the same to your senses, you realized that destroying your beliefs made a certain detachment from ''seem'' (not making it absurd, just neutral over other possibilities) and pursuid/applied the thing for your seemingly physical existence, it being the last thing that remains. Thus process taking lots of time. Though, it is said that there is also the same outcome for maintaining beliefs, just not caring, and focusing on senses (like balance/spinning, tantrism, meditation/mind, pain like sadhus, et cetera)

    One is attached to reason and presence from its before, the other for religious and empty fullness of detachment, and other examples.

    In a scientific realism, it'd be the neurones and memory that'd react throughout a certain variable of time, constant evolution from a thought system to another. From the perception of circuits of neurones, like we perceive time, and other senses. We ''exist''. In physics, we aren't much more than a photon and this **** is huge, there's also string theory... (well all science is theory, but to understand perceptions and predict by them, understand, et cetera, it's a great tool to describe and it fulfills religion's place for some...)

    In a solipsist way of thinking, it is seemingly uncertain imo. In an absurdist way of thinking, it can be anything that can be it in a way that is or isn't in an absurd or not; you decide. In a more oriental way, if I'm not mistaken, you are a part of a bigger thing (soul, but not really; you have to give it back after a time through existence, unless you're an untouchable in hinduism? Anyway, if you are able to in one life, if I remember correctly, you are a ''buddha'' in one of the buddhisms... sorry for not remembering and for keeping the writing)

    I'll say that nothing is sure, everything can be from a person's reality or from another's (beliefs, irrefutable in its basics(no contradictions with beliefs or unknown one's of the individual), even it'd be an absurd view)... Now, you decide what you'll think and from where to start if you can. Pure speculations, as everything, sorry for my poor english and notice that I could have continued for hundreds of pages if was informed in known belief systems or decided to put all that was relevant..

    It is the first real question I asked myself, it was in 9th grade two years ago.. coming back from Canada's Wonderland at 9-10 PM in a school bus (for long distances), talking with friends tired as ****... Got to 30 minutes in and yeah.. no conclusions, it's just mysterious, the question is a real circle since by science, we couldn't understand, and how could neurons from others perceive a somewhat something? How the thought? I wasn't into philosophy then, it didn't affect much, but talking about those things felt ******* great!

    What is aware of this? :/ believe. Omniscience or a ''higher'' is a relatively hard concept to work with or on which I find there isn't much to do with... Live in full naivety, be spiritual like the hippies were (I don't know if modern day hippies is hippies, but you know what I mean), it's always better to live by the senses than by total reason (or killing its possibility), stop where you feel comfy, if not, it's a dead end where many roads unveil on your back, from which you are half able to be in... Also, while omniscience treats a ''before and during'', vacuity seems to cover the future or existence... just sayin.

    (I personally will stay as I am now because of depressions, dp, dr, mild anxiety, etc. and I will create a belief system after that, might think about a more neutral one that talks about senses and perceptions more, or another absurdism-like philosophy... (just for myself.. a main ground already structured could be beneficial late... when I'm not this sleepy; I've slept less than 3 hours last night and the one before, I could think in a more structured and ok way, so this could have been a good reply..))

    Source(s): just me at 4 am, saw this, the text might be wrongly structured or might be atrocious to my eyes or yours, but yeah :) I'll correct it if I come back not like I am now..
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    Such a question cannot be answered my friend. People reach this super consciouness by raising the kundalini serpent in which it transforms theyre soul. The people who've done it -Gopi Krishna for example said it is unexplainable.

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    "The Treasury of Light now befallen unto you is that which my race has hidden throughout the vast expanse of the Cosmos on worlds fitted for the human experience until such time that the

    complete form of Divine Consciousness, having evolved from the Unconscious Void in the hope of attaining clear self-consciousness, should begin to manifest in terrestrial man. It is with great difficulty that the Cause, the Source of all things, might even be spoken of. It is like

    the invisible source of the sun’s rays shining down on your world, the light of which also is invisible until it passes through Matter. It is indeed invisible, indefinable, immeasurable, incomprehensible Light and can only be conceived through timeless observation of that which has radiated from It. It is by such observation throughout the antiquity of manifested existence that the Unknown Deity can exist only as an idea for It will not bear definition. It is known, therefore, only to exist as a Substance-Principle with Absolute Sovereignty. It becomes Substance on the plane of the manifested Universe, an illusion as it is only an aspect of the Darkness of pure Reality, and remains a Principle in the beginningless and endless, visible and invisible space." ~~~ The Book of Hasnun

    It is that Principle which emerges in us as "I am".

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