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Magic Mushrooms trips and experiences?

I smoke marijuana quite regularly and love the feeling of being high, and while smoking i've always discussed with my friends about shrooms, and wondered what it would be like. I know there are fake stories about seeing pink elephants, falling from the sky and atuff, and all of that is unrealistic, but I'd like to read about peoples experiences on shrooms, because at the moment I am extremely skeptical on whether or not to try them. As they are a natural drug, i'm not to worried about damaging my body, i'm more worried about the experience, so please enlighten me on the trips you guys have had on Magic Mushrooms :)

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    First time I took shrooms I took a low dose, I knew I wasnt tripping that hard wasnt even hallucenating but it was a fun experience and I felt amazing. Smoked weed too.

    Second time I took about 4 grams with 3 friends. We ate them and sat in a field. It started kicking in and you feel just a whole vibe change, everything becomes high contrast, I remember looking at a wasp and I could see every single one of his eyes. The grass felt sharper etc. So we walked and I was seeing flashing patterns everywhere it was pretty cool. I remember at one point I was just seeing colors all shifting around morphing etc. Near the end I ended up in a random park and thought I was on another planet, the ground was all neon pink lol. Overall it was an interesting experience and I would definitely do it again. Remember to be in a good mindset and be in a safe comfortable place with people you trust when you do it.

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    Magic Mushrooms Trip

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    Shroom Trip Report

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    Magic Mushrooms trips and experiences?

    I smoke marijuana quite regularly and love the feeling of being high, and while smoking i've always discussed with my friends about shrooms, and wondered what it would be like. I know there are fake stories about seeing pink elephants, falling from the sky and atuff, and all of that is...

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    It really depends on the amount that you consume and whether you consume them in tea form or in whole form. The tea form tends to hit you much faster because there is no need for the mushrooms to be broken down by the digestive track. If you choose to try mushrooms, you should be in a good state of mind. Thinking about mythological creatures can lead to a bad trip because many of these creatures are malevolent. Mushrooms are a very different feel from 420. For me it is not a relaxed feeling, but rather a super heightened state of mind. I find that having something like Ambien or Xanax to be a godsend for a bad trip because these drugs can shut you down so that you can sleep the trip off.

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    Check out the trip reports here:

    It's on magic truffles which is similar as shrooms but has a more constant amount of psylocybin. It's also legal in many countries

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    Magic Truffles trip could be intense, so for beginners i would recommend to have trip stopper with them. A dose of sugar or some fanta can also help to stop trip if you are not feeling well.

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    Peyote is best left to those who have been trained for it's purposes!

    Watch "Young Guns" when Chavez makes some peyote out of mushrooms. Watch how stupid every one but Chavez acts. Give you a hint?

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    The Experience from a Scholar who did research on LSD And Psychedelics and Hallucinogenic drugs 5 degrees and 3 are PH.Ds The Far-Off Land An Philosophical attempt at the hallucinogenic drug Experience By Eugene Seaich

    March 5, 1959

    11:25 am

    Took 2 grams of Psychedelic Mushrooms


    Slight withdrawal beginning,

    rather definite euphoria noticable.


    Very intense euphoria.


    Rapid onset of symptoms.

    Slightly intoxicated feeling.

    Narrowed vision.


    Waves of elation and pure bliss.

    Euphoria has grown steadily since taking drug.

    little change in perception


    Euphoria almost overwhelming.

    Great tension and elation,

    Physical sensation one of ecstasy.


    hyperreflexia, even greater pleasure.

    First notice that lights are slightly brighter.

    Ate lunch.

    According to previous accounts,

    I should now be at peak of experience,

    which would be so,

    were it not for waiting out this damn interruption!

    Mood to now intensely euphoric,

    all bright, pleasant; here I sit,

    waiting for opportunity to enjoy it!

    Have been up and about through out.


    Sat down in retirement for a while--ability to dream is pronounced.

    Kaleidoscopic fancies very subdued,

    due to anxiety of expected visit.


    Can now have a while to myself!--


    Too late!

    Height of syndrome passed while unable to enjoy it.

    No color heightening, synesthesia, visions, ect.

    Euphoria mild now,


    but has no particular novelty.


    Thank god!

    There is something left in nervous system!

    When I lay alone on couch,

    I had splendid dreams and scintillations

    (though not as striking as they would have been earlier).

    Felt if I was solid rock lying on bed,

    bursting with atomic energy.

    Matter-and-energy-image all splendid and luminescent.

    Saw self hurled by atomic explosion out into the cosmos,

    past uncountable galaxies of light and beauty.

    Geometric patterns of color fluttered past in unbelievable profusion and delicacy.

    Feel very withdrawn, intoxicated.


    Light! Pure light!

    Just to sit and stare into translucent being!

    New interruption on phone.


    Sitting in kitchen,

    gathering my thoughts.

    Colors are vivid and fresh.

    Feel equilibrium between self and reality,

    with general acceptance of objective world on its own terms.

    Have again felt childhood lurking beyond the horizon,

    enticing me back,

    but with lessened persuasiveness.

    Beauty in life has indeed for me equated with childhood;

    reality on this spring day is self-sufficient,

    must be accepted in order to go on.

    Disenchantment has no terrors.


    whole of day's experience has been subconsciously pervaded with

    Kerouac's novel,

    which I just read.

    It seemed in visions I was reliving the frantic,

    masculine search for adventure and meaning;

    that meaning was to have been soft, feminine,

    a realization of all life's longings,

    but it was hard, bony and masculine,

    therefore restless,

    tortured, unfulfilled!

    That is essence of male's being!

    We long to be hermaphroditically united with feminine,

    mother, women, sweetheart,

    for softness to complete our masculine torment,

    to be caught up in some higher unity,

    which I see in vision as life,

    childhood, adulthood, matter, energy, womanness, maleness,

    on cosmic scale.


    The enemy in life is the intellect,

    the cold, analytical intellect!

    I can feel it gnawing away at beauty and turning it into stone,

    like an acid spot eating out through a pea-cock and

    mother-of-pearl fabric.

    We have no ability to believe;

    we only know,

    and in this life,

    that is not enough.

    All around me in the warm,

    moist air are recollections of the past,

    which my monster-brain repells.

    Oh, this is all a farce,

    trying to pretend that anything extraordinary is happening.

    I can't see how other persons could get undone by LSD.

    I can't go far enough!



    harmonious feeling of being suspended in time,

    space and meaning.

    Neutrality is essence of the reunified halves of existence!

    But living, pulsing neutrality,

    fire from within,

    divine force in perfect harmony.

    Calmed nerves,

    effects definitely subsided.

    Still pensive and withdrawn.

    The Far-Off Land.

    Eugene Seaich

    Source(s): If you want to know.the.way psychedelic experience.from with degrees 3 phds.and of is class in The University of.Utah in Pharmacy but was one for a few years must of thought it was boring.counting.and to.most.of the people who dont need The.Far Off Land By Eugene Seaich and it came from me and Eugenes Seaich autobiography and me
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