Do you agree with the judges ruling on the 2 football players convicted of rape in Ohio?

Do you agree with the judges ruling on the 2 football players convicted of rape in Ohio?

I don't' because:

1) The 16 year old girl that got raped had no business drinking in the first place.

2) The 2 guys that got convicted of rape are kids and don't really know where the line is drawn between taking advantage of the 16 year old being passed out and the act of rape.

3) The 2 football players were so shaken up over the penalties of what they done and they have already taken it as a lesson learned.

What are your thoughts?

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    8 years ago
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    Yes! I do agree.

    I'm 17, and I've known the difference between taking advantage of someone/raping a person vs consensual sex since before I was 16.

    Source(s): They deserve what they got.
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    Are you serious? The reasons you gave make you sound like a complete moron

    1) So just because someone was drunk it means her body becomes a free for all for anyone who wants to rape her? This was definitely the dumbest reason

    2) 16 is plenty old enough to know what rape is, and anyone who says otherwise is stupid. So you think if some girl is lying there passed out, obviously unable to consent, that means it's okay to rape her? You're sick

    3) Oh boohoo, they were shaken up at the thought of going to jail and getting what they dished out, not because they felt sorry. Rapists shouldn't be let off with a slap on the wrist just because they showed some fake emotions in court.

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    8 years ago

    Hey, don't blame the judge. He did the job he was brought in for and paid to do. The liberal news media and rabidly politically correct can't just leave these things to chance, you know. You have to appreciate the bait and switch. They got the boys to agree to a trial by judge instead of a jury, then replaced the judge.

    Source(s): Sad reality.
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    8 years ago

    None of them should have been drinking and ANY fool knows you cannot get or give consent when completely blasted.

    Lastly.....are you trying to say you are okay with sticking things like fingers and other items up into a passed out woman because "you didn't know" it was wrong. Fukc. This world is sicker than I thought.

    They should be charged and convicted as adults....they are trying to behave as adults.

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  • ugh
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    8 years ago

    No. What they did was disgusting and clearly wrong. We need to hold these boys accountable for what they did wrong. And the victim blaming? The trivializing of a serious crime and injustice to the girl? Makes me wanna beat the sh@t out of them personally.

    Source(s): You do NOT take advantage of drunk people. And it's NEVER somebody's fault that they were raped.
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    I agree that the girl put herself in a bad situation by herself but that gave them no right to rape her.

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    one got 1 yr and the other got 2...if they had been adults they would have face many years in prison,just because a young under age girl gets drunk and passes out doesn't give anyone the right to violate her...what if it had been your sister if you had one?

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