Does this bug-out-vehicle list sound good? Missing anything?


- power bars

- water/Gatorade

- jerky 

- canned veggies/fruit 

- can opener



- cb radio 

- walkie-talkies 

- paper & pens 


- gauze 

- belt 

- ibuprofen 

- Benadryl 

- scissors

- butterfly closures

- needles

- nail glue 

- lighter

- iodine (to clean out wounds)

- fishing line 

- alcohol

- sanitary wipes 

- antibiotics 

- bandages/ band aids 


- a pot 

- lighter 

- flash light 

- gas cans 

- gas siphon hose

- screwdriver 

- hammer 

- knife/s

- nails 

- screws 

- matches 


- blanket

- clothes 

          - 5 days underwear

          - 3 warm outfits 

          - 3 cold outfits

          - coat

          - boots 

          - tennis shoes


          - rags 

          - sanitary wipes

          - tooth brush/paste

          - hair brush/bands

          - deodorant

          - razor


- knife

- pepper spray

- bow and arrow


Thanks for the help:)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Whatever you pack it wont make any difference.

    The biggest threat to the USA is a nuclear attack from one of several Arabic or Asian countries.

    If such an attack were to occur you would have no warning.

    If you are in the zone of maximum destruction them you are instantly killed , congratulations , that was the best option.

    If you are further out you will get radiation sickness and die within a couple of months - Tough break.

    If you are fortunate enough to be outside these areas when the event happens then you are REALLY screwed as the population hoarding masses will use up all the food supplies in a week , there won't be any more and you cant grow any more.

    If you last for a while , within 20 years you will have died from cancer , leukemia or a number of other bone or blood diseases , and that is IF you started off young and fit in the begging.

    Those people that have pre existing medical problems , overweight , smokers , those over 40 , will be dropping like flies.

    The prepper movement is nothing more than a placebo to keep concerned people active , but not in a way that they are actually participating in a solution.

    It's the same 'duck and cover' misdirection as was popular during the 50's.

    If you want to see what would happen in a real emergency , get some news reel footage from Hiroshima.

    Your little bug out bag isn't going to help you AT ALL !!!!!

  • 3 years ago

    Relies on what you're prepping for. For an throughout general emergency kit it is ok however i'd add some road flares. One of those folding bikes can be pleasant too. If you are expecting an EMP then the auto is pointless anyway as will be the radios.

  • 7 years ago

    A folding shovel

    Fishing line

    Sanitary napkins (amazing for wounds and for padding in shoes)

    Condoms (automatic canteen for water)

    Tarp (shelter)

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