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countries formed from the U.S?

I know Canada detached from the U.S, any other countries like this?

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    The U.S. used to have the Philippines as a territory. It was granted full independence in 1946.

    I think Nova Scotia and part of New Brunswick were claimed by one of the original 13 colonies...but I'm pretty sure this was before the United States had formed.

    Some other places were temporarily occupied by the U.S.:

    Part of Panama, the Panama Canal zone, was returned to Panama in 1979, and full control of the canal in 1999.

    A number of islands were returned to various countries after temporary occupation.

    Haiti was occupied for a couple of decades in the early 20th century.

    The Dominican Republic was occupied by the U.S. for ten years or so.

    Greenland and Iceland were occupied during World War II.

    A bunch of Pacific islands were occupied after WW II. Most have either been returned to Japan or formed independent governments (Marshall Is, N. Marianas Is)

    Japan was occupied by the U.S. for seven years after WWII.

    Green Zone in Iraq.

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    Okay buddy, the US has not had any countries "seperate" form them. Canada as a matter of fact was apart of britan for almost another 100 years before becoming a country in 1867. If anything the US has taken in more countries than formed. Puerto Rico is the most recent independtent country to become a US state and Alaska and Hawaii were purchased from the Russians and Spanish respectivly.

    Source(s): Grade 12 schooling in Canada.
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    Canada did NOT "detach" from the U. S. It was always separate from the thirteen colonies to the south that won their independence and became the U.S.

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