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What words rhyme with the word "world"?

I am writing a song and in one part i wrote:

You are the most beautiful girl in the world.

I need a sentence that fits in, please help me

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    When I saw the lists of possible rhymes, I find it hard how to use it in your song, so in addition to just rhymes, i've included how to use the words. (i just thought maybe you are asking because you can't use the available words)

    You are the most beautiful girl in the world.

    --like i was in a dreamworld (cheap rhyme)

    --my heart goes unfurled (your heart spreads out)

    --your fingers makes your hair twirled (like in romances, where cute innocent girls twirls their hair)

    --those beautiful smile impearled (her white teeth are like pearls.)

    --i loved how my D uncurled (imagine D goes raging, from curled millipede to full blown centipede)

    --my D on your mouth you swirled (i'm trying to be funny)

    excuse the last 2, i can't help myself. Just good luck with your song and hope everything's alright.

    Source(s): internet, then brain.
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    Instinct as in i used to be given an intuition or premonition as in I had a premonition practically any word with the "tion" ending would work. Dancer or rhime the primary part of melanoma with words like RANsom additionally might rhime with something like "I heard the reply in falsetto" I intended rhyme no longer rhime

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    There's not a lot that rhymes with world tbh

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    You look so pretty with your hair all curled?? I hope that helped hahahaha :)

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    curled, hurled, swirled, twirled, whirled, whorled

    neworld, transworld, unfurled

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