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Why do people say confederate flags dont represent racism and hate?

It was hard to keep confederate flags in stock as soon as Obama won in 2008 and 2012...I wonder why?????

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    Slavery was only one of the aspects of the Confederacy, and it was of course the most reviled.

    The morality of slavery as an institution aside for the moment, the Confederacy was formed because of the belief that the Federal Government was violating the constitution, infringing upon the sovereignty of the individual states.

    The balance of a strong central government versus a limited government with sovereign states has been argued and debated since before the first Continental Congress; it was written about extensively by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay in "The Federalist Papers".

    Of course, the debate reached the point that it did in the mid-19th century over westward expansion, the demands put upon the agrarian South by northern manufacturing and the efficiency of the Cotton Gin, and unfortunately slavery was a major issue in that debate - but we are still having it today and it is no less important.

    It is no secret that Barack Obama favors a very strong central government; his position on the Constitution, on the sovereignty of the states, of federal vs state law has been made very clear. He's not the first to believe this.

    When sales of the Confederate Flag surged after the Obama election, I think they were seen by the buyers as representative of States' Rights - but as happens in so many areas in this country, that symbolism got boiled down to its most negative expression, which was slavery.

    Here's a modern example -

    In the debate over Gun Control, which is receiving a a lot of attention, the real debate is about what the Federal Government can do, or should do - versus what it cannot or should not do. The second amendment says that the right of the individual citizen to bear arms shall not be infringed by the government. That's a limitation of power - it is not a guarantee. In this case, states like New York are free to enact as restrictive a set of laws as they want - and they have. It is simply not part of the rights or obligations of the Federal Government as set out by the Constitution.

    This attempt at preserving the Constitution has become a symbol of "Right Wing Gun Nuts". Those who wish to interpret the constitution in this way are painted as being pro-murder, or pro-violence or as having some sexual attraction to their guns - in the same way that the preservation of States Rights in the 19th century is now seen as being racist or pro-slavery.

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    Once I used to be in college, there used to be a dress code. And at present, there must also be one. In those days, we would now not have our hair over our forehead, must have our shirt tails tucked, have got to put on a belt, and in case you wore sandals, you had to wear socks. I presume that today things have turn out to be extra lax. American citizens must be careful not to step on different's feet, say anything mistaken, or rationale intellectual stress and nervousness to others and this is the place "political correctness" has long gone too far. Alas, it can be these folks that ruined what used to be as soon as a common liberty - freedom to precise yourself. How anyone views the accomplice battle Flag is dependent on their non-prejudiced education. A prejudice is an implicitly held notion, more commonly about a workforce of individuals. Prejudice subjects incorporate race, monetary category, gender or sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, obesity, age, faith, and so forth. It is usually used to characterize beliefs about different matters as well, together with "any unreasonable attitude that's strangely immune to rational influence. Whether I speak and tell the true actuality and provide stable proof to you (like slavery used to be not the predominant challenge of the Southern States since most effective about 3% of the South owned a slave) and whether or now not I convince you that what I've mentioned it correct, you still may keep your prejudices. Yes, you might be proper about the corruption of this historical flag. There has no longer been one nation or state that didn't have a battle flag, whether of exact design or not. And each and every nation that carried their flag to a conflict or conflict was once proud, usually due to the fact that they believed in what they had been doing and what that flag meant to them, like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The confederate combat Flag shouldn't be an icon for racism or hate. It represents the Southern satisfaction and the historic steps Southerners took to retain their State's rights, their economic strength, and political values. The Southern States didn't invade Northern States. It was once really the reverse. To grow to be less prejudiced, you ought to study more. Learn the true truth. Keep in mind that "to the victor, the spoils". This means that the historical past you learn today was no longer written by the Southern States and the Southern history about the war Between the States was never integrated. What you learn today is one-sided.

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    I think Flags have caused the deaths of many People. When God looks on us He will not see a Flag.

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    That is how it was labeled.

    But the war was fought about States rights. The most Constitutional Issue ever and we are still fighting it. Colorado and Washington . the right to smoke POT because pot is not in the Constitution so everything not in the Constitution is up to the state

    While slavery is an abomination to humanity it was more than just slavery but the winners write the history. IT WAS ABOUT STATES RIGHTS.

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    Because many felt it represented a stand against big government and the federal government's will to overpower the rights of the states and it's people.

    No matter what your liberla history teacher told you, the Civil War was not really about slavery, it was about state's rights. Even the Emacipation Proclamation, didn't stop slavery in Union States, only those rebelling.

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    Does that flag harm you? Are you that big of a p*ssy that an inert object causes you pain?

    If so, just kill yourself, because life isn't going to get any easier for your tender heart.

    Do you think native americans love that American flag across the board? Or is that a symbol of hate? Are you going to propose to do away with that "symbol of hate" because that particular group finds it hateful?

    People like you are why confederate flags keep on selling.

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    To me it's just Republicans being butt hurt like usual when an election doesn't go there way. They don't mind when the federal government intervenes on things they care about like marijuana or gun rights but everything else has to be states rights for them.

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    Why do you think it does?

    You are educated enough to know that the civil war was not about slavery right

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    Because objects as symbols are different things to different people.....hehehe....Sociology101 hehehe......

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    Don't forget treason against america.

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