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How to you crash a first date?

My friend got asked out by a guy she doesn't like. She didn't want to be rude so she said yes. They're going to the movies. Then she asked a couple of people to crash and/or ruin their date. I was wondering if anyone had some creative ideas? We don't mind getting kicked out.

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    Even if you crash the date, it wont take care of the problem. He'll still like her and she still wont be able to tell him she's not interested. If you're school age, pretend to be her parent and say she needs to get home for an emergency. Tell your friend that she'll have to be honest, brutally honest if need be, and just tell the guy that she's not interested. He'll be hurt, yes, but he wont ask her again, and next time a guy she doesn't like asks, she'll be able to just say no. Remember, you cant do this for her or she'll never learn.

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