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What kind of rifle should I buy?

For the last 3 year I have been using a Remington 7MM-08, but I am looking to buy a gun of my own. I primarily hunt deer and elk, and want a gun that can take down an elk easily at 300 yards or so but will not mutilate a deer at the same time. Thoughts? I only want to spend up to $750 on the gun itself.

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    A rifle chambered in 30-06...... Its common, available everywhere and has a proven track record of harvesting larger North American Game......

    If you feel the 30-06 is a little much then the next best choices are .308 or .270 Winchester...... Both of these are common and available everywhere....

    Source(s): $750 ?.... 300 yards ?.... Your pushing it a little..... Sure - there are inexpensive rifles like the Savage Axis or Ruger American, also the Mossberg 100-ATR.... They dont cost much but for 300 yard shots I do recommend a better gun...... Consider the Remington 700 SPS or the Savage 11/111 FCNS...... Both of these rifles come in under your budget and are up to 300 yard shots.....
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    A 308 or 30-06 will take elk cleanly out to 300 yards but your wording makes it sound like you want something that hits really hard at that range and then you are talking about a gun that is going to be in power level above those two. Problems with a cartridge with that kind of power are 1. Recoil-its going to kick hard! 2. cost- it won't be cheap to shoot. 3. its going to be more than is needed for deer. The 300 win mag or 300 wsm will work and not tear deer up if you use a stout bullet or a solid expanding like barnes tsx.

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    I agree with Andy. There's a lot of ammunition available for the .30-06 so match the round to your intended game. With the right cartridge it will take down anything in North America but is still a commonly used deer caliber. Might be marginal against grizzly but people up here take moose and heavy bears with it. Brown/black bears in northern states can be twice as big. Do your research for the rifle itself but $750 should be plenty to get a good one. If you're on a budget you can still get good used ones because they're so common. If I was only allowed two rifles, I'd have a .22 and a .30-06. But I'm kind of basic, too. 300 yards is doable but kind of stretching it for open sights. You really should have a scope for some things so allow for that, too. It's no good to run your budget out for the rifle and then find you need two or three hundred more for accessories.

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    To be substantially more effective on elk at 300, and yet not ruin too much meat on deer at shorter ranges, you're going to need a substanitally larger caliber and yet keep your velocities down in the non-magnum range. That limits your options considerably. The only thing that comes to mind in your price range is the Tikka T3 in 338 Federal. That particular rifle is not on my list of favorites, and factory loads are going to be hard to find for most folks.

    I'd suggest a better option would be to keep your 7mm08 and spend the money on a bench and handloading equipment. Loaded with premium 160 grain bullets, that'll do a reasonably good job on elk, and you can probably work up a load that shoots 139 or 140 grain bullets for deer that shoots to near the same point of aim as your elk load, so you wouldn't even have to re-zero your scope when switching from one to the other, so long as you keep in mind which load you're shooting.

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  • Andy
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    I still say one of the most versatile cartridges is the 30-06 due to all the different bullet weights available. If you hand load a great round is the .280 Remington . And it's still hard to beat the Remington Model 700. The Savage with an accutrigger is a good choice too.

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    sure, AR-15s are very costly and you probable wont detect a powerful one for under $seven-hundred. So thats outa the question. Like somebody already pronounced, M1 Garands are very sturdy rifles, yet those are alot greater effective than any AR-15 ive seen. If i replaced into you, identity p.c.. up any SKS, as long as its in sturdy situation of course. They shoot 7.62x39mm cartridges and are a blast to shoot becuase they have minimum flinch and ammo is extremely low fee (you will get a field of 20rds for approximately $5 in maximum places). you may have the capacity to discover a powerful SKS for $2 hundred-$3 hundred consumer-friendly. you additionally can customize the hell outa it. i offered mine 3yrs in the past for approximately $a hundred and fifty. different than that, the Ruger 10/22 is a powerful determination for plinking, whether it fairly is a smaller around and not sturdy for plenty issues different than small interest and a few purpose shooting.

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    I would go with a 30-06. New Mausers are the highest quality in my opinion but Savages are great for the money. I'd go to a local gun shop and hold a few to find out what feels most comfortable for you.

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    A Remington 700 in either .308 or .30-06 would be a great choice.

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    a 270 will do you just fine. Also a 30-06 will work.

    If you have any doubt check out the Winchester ballistics calculator.

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    300 WinMag.

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